Homeschooling Romania

Daria’s story

Corina’s 13-year-old daughter Daria is now in her second year studying with Wolsey Hall in Romania.

“Daria’s studying MathsEnglishGeography, Science and History but her favourite is Science.

“Homeschooling in Romania isn’t very well known so sometimes people have a negative reaction to it. The main concern is about the child not socialising because it is not understood how homeschooling works and the fact that the child has more time for hobbies and extracurricular activities. Most people think of homeschooling like unschooling. But we keep explaining and most of the time, after people learn what homeschooling means, they are positively surprised.”

Homeschooling in Romania

Wolsey Hall Oxford has students homeschooling in over 120 countries worldwide including in Romania.

How it Works for Daria

We haven’t had a negative experience so far, even though homeschooling in Romania is not accepted by the law in a specific way and it’s important to have proof of your child’s studies in case of an authority check.

“Daria has a few extracurricular activities such as studying German, taking art classes, swimming and horse riding. She also loves to travel so we do that often, even for just a weekend. She loves learning new cultures and discovering new places.

In the Beginning

“We had a hard time at the beginning of homeschooling because we were coming from a regular school in Italy.

The transition from having teachers, a strict schedule, homework and many subjects to study, to having the freedom to set her own schedule was a little bit de-stabilizing, especially for her.

Daria found three or four subjects to study daily worked, copying the classic school system because she was afraid that by not doing so, she would not study enough and she might get “lost”.

This was at the beginning, then she slowly relaxed and started to understand what the freedom of homeschooling really means and to use her time for other activities too.”

Homeschooling Romania Subjects

Time to Settle

“She was also a beginner level in English and that was an added stress but she learnt the language very fast.

My tip for new homeschoolers would be to give the child the transition time and support, because passing from classic school rules to no rules at all, or self-set rules, might be destabilising for the child and parent! So give yourself a few months, ask tutors for support and take one step at a time.

Wolsey Hall gives you the freedom to set the studies to suit you, Tutors are great and always there to help. The modules are very well made, easy to understand and have great resources, so it’s all set to help us have the best homeschool experience.”

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