Homeschooling in Tanzania

Demi and Angie’s story

Sisters Demi and Angie have both thrived through homeschooling in Tanzania where they live on a wildlife reserve.

“We chose to homeschool our daughters because we relocated to Tanzania from Zimbabwe. Schooling in Tanzania is very expensive but we found Wolsey Hall to be very affordable,” explains mum Mary.

International homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford has students in over 120 countries worldwide.

Angie and Demi are homeschooling in Tanzania

Flexible working

“We moved several times during homeschooling which was disruptive for the girls but Wolsey Hall was always so helpful, understanding and accommodating. They extended their deadlines in order for them to complete their studies and not feel pressurised. They were able to work at their own pace.

Our last move was to Ballito, South Africa which is about an hour’s drive to Durban where they sat their final exams.”

While homeschooling, 19-year-old Angie continued with her passion for horse riding and training horses. Meanwhile 17-year-old Demi is a very talented artist and was able to paint often specialising in painting with coffee!”

Independent learners

“They were very privileged to have been able to study on a conservancy living with wildlife on a daily basis,” continues Mary. “I noticed by the end of their studies both had increased in confidence and sat each exam stress free.

“In our situation with moving several times, homeschooling suited Angie and Demi and the support, encouragement, advice and feedback from the Tutors to the Support staff was excellent.”

Angie is now studying for a nursing diploma and has recently been offered an internship with a local vet, while Demi has begun a bookkeeping course.

Angie and Demi are homeschooling in Tanzania
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