Independent learning

For many students, being able to strengthen their independent learning skills is key and this is what drew alumni student Amanda to enrol with Wolsey Hall Oxford in 2021. She completed her A Levels in October 2023, achieving three A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Impressively, she also achieved the highest mark in the world for her Pearson Edexcel AS Chemistry exam.

“I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford over other homeschool providers because I was drawn to their emphasis on independent learning and focus on the student’s own motivation,” says Amanda. “I was also drawn to the amazing network of student groups and Alumni. I participated in poetry competitions and chess club activities hosted by Wolsey Hall.”

Why Wolsey Hall works for Aiden

Students can access their courses and study anywhere in the world providing ultimate flexibility in their learning.

The flexibility benefits

“My typical homeschool day focused on carrying out daily household activities first before fully zoning in on my schoolwork, where I would create a to-do list and timetable. With the ability to structure my day freely, I used as much time as I needed to properly understand the content before moving forward to the next part. This led me to fully immerse myself in learning for my own interest, and not only for the sake of scoring well in exams. Before ending the day, I made sure to reflect on what I’d learnt and prepare a to-do list for the next day.”

“My favourite subject was Chemistry, and I have fond memories of studying it in cafés all day, in different spots of my city, when I had the chance. I even studied my A level subjects in tents during family camping trips in the desert!”

Amanda and her Pearson award

Exam advice

“If I could go back and change one thing about my exam prep, it would be to use the mock exam service to fully immerse myself in an exam environment, as opposed to only ticking my past years myself, and potentially missing out on valuable insights. I think part of being a homeschooler is learning to use all the opportunities and resources available.”

Amanda now plans to study medicine at university. The flexibility of homeschooling meant she could shadow and volunteer in hospitals during her time with Wolsey Hall.

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