Homeschooling while recovering from illness

Robin’s story

Robin has been homeschooling while recovering from illness.

Robin achieved excellent exam results last summer after studying for her A levels with Wolsey Hall:

Geography – A*
Psychology – A*
Maths – A

“I studied with Wolsey Hall for two years as my previous school was extremely focused on academics and did not allow for anything else. This was no longer the right fit for me as I had some medical issues and was unable to complete treatment without missing too much school. I chose Wolsey Hall as I did extensive research and it was the only provider which allowed flexibility in the learning schedule and would allow me to complete my studies to my highest capability.”

Teenager homeschooling due to illness

Wolsey Hall Oxford is very experienced in supporting students who are homeschooling while recovering from illness.

Robin is homeschooling while recovering from illness

Why Wolsey Hall?

“My previous school had emphasised independent learning a lot so I was able to adapt well to homeschooling, however, I did still struggle slightly with the fact that there was no one on your back 24/7 about deadlines. After the first few weeks you get used to having to plan your time correctly and with the help of your Student Progress Manager (SPM) and Tutors you get into a routine.”

“Homeschooling while recovering from illness allowed me to work on my studies whilst also sorting out my health and focusing on the things I enjoyed most. I was able to travel and see my family abroad whenever I wanted which I was unable to do in mainstream school. I found I had more time to meet my friends as I was not always at school and was able to go horse riding and do other activities that I had to give up due to my previous schooling.”

My advice to others

“The one thing I would say is not to underestimate how disciplined you need to be with yourself in terms of completing work on time. Homeschooling is great when you stick to doing your work as it allows you to spend so much time on the things you like doing. But, if you get too behind then you are constantly going to be trying to catch up. I would also say to always ask questions, your Tutors and SPMs are there to help and if you use their help you will succeed.”

Where I am now

“I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh whilst working at a social media marketing agency and a start-up. In September I hope to transfer to Finance and Business.”

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