Homeschooling while sailing

Sebastian’s story

Thirteen-year-old Sebastian started homeschooling while sailing with Wolsey Hall at the beginning of 2020 and his younger brother Matthew has now joined him. Their family sailboat is home as they’re often travelling; so homeschooling works perfectly.

“We chose Wolsey Hall for several reasons,” explains Sebastian’s Mum, Raffaella. “First, we wanted to follow the Cambridge International curriculum and secondly, we had already homeschooled Sebastian for a year on our own and struggled a bit with being Sebastian’s teachers. We also received very good recommendations from other families about Wolsey Hall.”

“I enjoy Wolsey Hall because I can work independently and at my own pace,” says Sebastian. “I also very much enjoy visiting new places, learning about other countries and their history and culture. However we don’t always meet other cruising families so on those occasions I can only interact with my younger brother Matthew. I enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing though; and when we lived in Grenada, I joined a local competitive swimming club.”

homeschooling whilst travelling

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports large numbers of families who homeschool while travelling.

Sebastian is homeschooling while sailing

Challenges of boat living

“We have been living on our sailboat Numada for three years now. We started our journey in 2017 and sailed from Quebec (Canada) to Maine (USA) and then along the east coast of America to Virginia. We sailed through New York city which was an unforgettable experience. In the Fall of 2017 we sailed 1600 miles off shore to the B.V.I in the Caribbean. From the B.V.I we then sailed to several islands, e.g. Antigua, Guadeloupe and Martinique, spending at least a month on each island. Since summer 2018 we have been living on our boat in Grenada W.I.

“Sometimes we don’t have any wi-fi (or the connection is very poor) so we have to go to a café or marina to do our schoolwork. At one point our printer ran out of ink (and we could not find the replacement on the island) so we went to a boatyard and ask them to print some pages so I could do my assignment.”

Our sailing schedule

“In November we are hoping to sail north and visit some Caribbean islands until Spring 2021 when we would like to sail across the Atlantic ocean to the Azores and finally to Europe. The Covid-19 pandemic has made travelling quite challenging in terms of borders being closed or countries in lockdown. We would like to visit some countries in the Mediterranean and afterwards return to land life in the UK or in Italy.

“Much further in the future, I am planning to go to university, perhaps to study my favourite subjects which are Science and Computing.”

Sebastian is homeschooling while sailing
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