Cambridge homeschooling in South Africa

Teyha’s story

After attending a private school in South Africa, 16-year-old Wolsey Hall student Teyha returned to homeschooling as her preferred choice for learning with the option to study Cambridge IGCSEs.

Teyha has been celebrating her excellent Cambridge IGCSE exam results of;

Maths  – A
English Language – A
English Literature – A
Business Studies – A
Geography – A
Combined Science – B

Home Education South Africa

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of students homeschooling in South Africa.

Teyha is homeschooling in South Africa

Cambridge qualifications accepted worldwide

“I very much prefer to work solo and at my own pace, without the distractions of other students and many social events that happen at school.

I also decided that I wanted to take IGCSE subjects rather than what was being taught at my school, realising that it would be the best option if we were to move back home to the UK.

I had been homeschooled previously as a young child and again at age 12, so was not unfamiliar with it when I came across Wolsey Hall. I found the experience highly satisfying and managed to work through each course at the rate that I wanted to work at, rather than being restricted to a timetable.”

Flexible working

“The most enjoyable aspect was having the ability to work whenever I chose, some days working throughout the day and others doing only an hour or two. This gave me the freedom to do other activities such as horse riding.

The most challenging part of my study was not the study itself, it was revising for the exams! I personally struggle with revision. However, I did manage to push through and did the best that I could to revise well.

I took my Maths IGCSE early, and discovered that it was the easiest subject to revise for. My favourite subject was English Literature. Even though I found it quite difficult, it ended up being my highest exam result!”

Cambridge homeschooling in South Africa allows Teyha time to pursue other interests

Managing exams

“Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed sitting my exams. I was quite nervous for my Maths exams due to them being at a school in Cape Town, plus they were the first ones I had ever done. I sat the exams for my other subjects at an exam centre in the UK that I was familiar with, which was great. I do not tend to get much ‘exam stress’ and am told that I take it all in my stride – I was even a bit disappointed when I had no more exams left to sit! I don’t tend to worry about grades too much, as once your exams are done there is absolutely nothing you can do to change your grades, so why worry?

My advice to other students is to just relax! You can still work hard without putting too much pressure on yourself. Choose subjects that you know you will enjoy and will be useful for the industry that you may wish to go into. Try not to get too stressed about your exams because grades do not define you or your ability. You can try again and as long as you do your best then that is all that matters.”

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