Homeschooling in the Philippines

Vladimir’s Story

Twelve-year-old Vladimir lives in the Philippines and has been studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford for the last four years. Vladimir has now progressed onto our Lower Secondary homeschool courses.

“We originally decided to homeschool Vladimir due to the lack of good schools in Palawan,” explains Elena, Vladimir’s mum. “We chose Wolsey Hall because it offers a good quality of British education materials and support, and has been well established for years throughout the world.”

International homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford is seeing a growing number of students homeschooling in the Philippines.

Vladimir is homeschooling in the Philippines

“In our experience, homeschooling has been the only way to get a good education, and it is much less time consuming than regular school. Vladimir’s Tutors are helpful and responsive and we enjoy the flexibility homeschooling offers. Vladimir chooses to study early in the mornings and play for the rest of the day. Instead of doing school every day, he can move some of his studies to a weekend, and that enables him to go boating, free-diving, snorkelling, swimming, kite-surfing or kayaking when the weather is nice.”

“The only downside we’ve experienced has been when we’ve had no wi-fi or poor internet connection due to typhoons and heavy monsoon rains that we have here.”

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