Home education South Africa

Zenzele’s story

Eighteen-year-old Zenzele shares her experience of home education in South Africa.

“I started studying with Wolsey Hall in 2017 and began by taking IGCSE Combined Sciences, English Language and Mathematics. Then I added Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Physics afterwards.

“I was especially happy with the thorough feedback and guidance my Tutors gave me and the amazing support from my Student Progress Manager Tamara Onslow. The subject I find most intriguing is Biology. I absolutely love it!

homeschooling in South Africa

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of students homeschooling in South Africa.

Student Zenzele Home Education in South Africa

Spare time

“Outside of my studies, you’ll find me reading. I have had a lot of time to dabble in varied interests and I love tending to my veggie patch, taking pictures of the landscape around me, and playing guitar and piano.

Recently I started learning chess via the Wolsey Hall Chess Club and I’m also very active in my church community.

I meet more and more people who are being homeschooled here and it’s incredible! For a long time it has, and still is to a certain extent, largely undervalued in different parts of the country, and in others alike.”

More choice

“In South Africa it is not only cheaper to be homeschooled, but with the ability to choose your curriculum you are able to get a superior level of tuition.

I’d gone through the IEB, American and British curriculae and found that I preferred the British curriculum, which is why I pursued this for my homeschooling.

Compared to IEB or graduating with an NSC, having IGCSEs as a stepping stone is a more comprehensive preparation for A levels or the IB. It helps you to gain access to a wider range of universities worldwide.”

home education curriculum choices

How to get the best out of home education

“For other students, I think you’ll discover that homeschooling is a learning curve.

I came out of boarding school and I hadn’t realised how structured everything was for us there. I faltered a little in coming up with a schedule of my own, but once you get into the habit of it, it becomes easier, but it needs discipline.

Also, have a place where you are free from distractions and have room to study.

Above all, allow yourself to make mistakes until you find that balance. Once you do, you’ll find that you are more disciplined, organised, focused and have the ability to persevere, all qualities that make you an even better student.”

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