Improved Wellbeing

The flexibility of homeschooling is one of the advantages that Wolsey Hall students benefit from regardless of the varied reasons why they may be homeschooling. As well as choosing where their learning takes place, homeschooled children can also decide when to learn.

There are also potential health benefits to be gained from a flexible homeschooling schedule.

Sleep experts have warned of a sleep deprivation epidemic among schoolchildren which is affecting their wellbeing and mental health. Getting too little sleep is linked to poor educational results, anxiety and obesity.

Sally and Eddy's Story

Aligning with the Natural Sleep Cycle

When homeschooling with Wolsey Hall you can study at the optimum time for you.

You create your own timetable to fit when you are most productive and alert in the day.

Without the restrictions of class schedules, children can focus on realigning to their natural sleep cycle and reaping the rewards that this new clarity brings.

No more sleeping at your desk!

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More Sleep = More Productive Learning

Alexandra Maksimova, noticed a dramatic change in her ability to study more effectively when she enrolled with Wolsey Hall.

“I tend to stay up late at night naturally and as a result, wake up later. In a physical school however, I still stayed up late, yet I was forced to wake up early to get to school. Needless to say I soon noticed that this sleeping schedule caused extreme fatigue and an increased amount of stress. I noticed that I am more relaxed now that I get enough sleep. I am more focused and work in hours I am most productive in.”

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