Homeschooling Abroad

Homeschooling for those Living Abroad

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we recognise that families in the modern world lead complicated lives, with many work options and choices available to relocate internationally. In these instances homeschooling abroad may become a very viable option.

International schools are another option – but may not be suitable in some countries. You may also need to relocate frequently which can result in significant disruption to your child’s education.

Wolsey Hall’s homeschooling courses are designed to be truly international, and suit the needs of those looking for an excellent education from wherever they may be located. Homeschooling abroad can therefore be a successful choice for many families.

homeschooling ex-pat family

River and Seb homeschooled in Belize.

Meet Some Students Homeschooling Abroad

Lucas is homeschooling abroad in France

UK Student Lucas in France

IGCSE homeschooling student Kristin

Australian Student Kristin in the UK

Lola is homeschooling abroad

UK Student Lola in Singapore

Alexandra is homeschooling abroad

Russian Student Alexandra in Latvia

Examination Centres

We make it a priority to ensure you have a local examination centre located within a distance suitable for you – so that you can plan ahead for your examinations.

Our Exam Officers can give further information to help you find a suitable exam centre.

Helping Expat Families

We also help with finding local homeschooling groups or others studying with Wolsey Hall in your country so that you feel part of the international homeschooling community. Homeschooling abroad does not need to be a daunting step as we will help you find your way wherever in the world you may be located.

We have closed Facebook Groups for parents which many use to arrange meet ups with other Wolsey Hall families in their locality.

We are a Kenyan family living in Ust-Kamenogorsk (Oskemen) in Kazakhstan. Being originally from Africa, this is all very new, especially since we had lived for four years in Rwanda. Both our children are entirely homeschooled as we could not find any schools in Kazakhstan that teach in English. We also needed an internationally-recognized curriculum. The most rewarding thing is that the children feel in charge of their own learning. I continuously reach out to members of Wolsey Hall staff when I am not sure of one thing or another. I find that they are near even if geographically far. We are happy to have found Wolsey Hall!

Serah Ombewa – Homeschooling Parent


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