Homeschooling due to illness

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we have a number of children across the world who are homeschooling due to illness.

Chronic illness or long-term injury can have a detrimental effect on not only physical and mental wellbeing but on self-esteem, social relationships and academic performance too.

Appointments, consultations and illness in general can result in missed classes, gaps in learning as well as additional stress and anxiety.

Charlotte was homeschooling due to ill health

Charlotte is homeschooling due to ill health which has allowed her to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a midwife.

Teenager homeschooling due to illness

Homeschooling due to illness with Wolsey Hall Oxford can provide a sense of relief for students suffering from chronic illness and will see to it that they have access to the same standard of education as their healthy peers.

We offer the opportunity to start courses throughout the year, flexibility to study at times when they feel most able to, Tutors on hand for advice, support and guidance, a Student Progress Manager to monitor progress and a vibrant and supportive College Community which allows students to engage with other pupils, share interests and hobbies and join clubs.