Combining Education and Training Schedules

Homeschooling elite athletes with Wolsey Hall Oxford means these children are able to travel to sporting events and compete at a high level without falling behind in their studies.

If you are homeschooling an athletic child with a special talent in sport, you will understand both the joys and challenges they face on their educational journey. A number of elite athletes homeschool with Wolsey Hall including tennis players, skaters, footballers, golfers, divers and swimmers. We understand the challenges and we can help your child excel in both their sport and their studies.

Meet Skater Phebe Bekker

Amelie Morgan, Gymnast

15 year old Amelie Morgan is an experienced competitive gymnast regularly competing against Olympic athletes. She has been selected for many international competitions and juggles a demanding training schedule exceeding 35 hours a week.

Amelie hopes to undertake an athlete scholarship to Berkley University so needs to achieve high IGCSE and A Level grades. By homeschooling with Wolsey Hall, Amelie has the flexibility to fit her studies around her sporting commitments and the opportunity to be successful in both.

Amelie's Full Story

Ethan Rose - Badminton Player

England Junior International Badminton Player Ethan Rose has an impressive selection of medals already at just sixteen years old. Completing his GCSEs early and competing in badminton full time on tour means Ethan was looking for a flexible way to study for his A Levels.

Wolsey Hall is the perfect fit for enabling him to study at his own pace and around his sporting schedule.

Ethan's full story

Working as a Team

We understand that homeschooling elite athletes is a delicate balancing act. Our Student Progress Managers will advise and counsel each student when they join us to ensure they will be able to maintain their various commitments. And we tailor their assignment schedule to meet their individual needs.

We always involve the parent in this process and – just like in the sporting world – we work as a team to make sure your child can realise their full potential both educationally and in their sporting ambitions.

Equestrian Martha's Story

Shanti Hughes, Homeschooling Parent, Australia

Henry is so delighted to have finished his first year with Wolsey Hall Oxford, that he cannot wait to get started with year two. My husband and I have seen Henry grow to be an independent learner with the support of his Tutors (Henry is profoundly deaf). Henry has just been selected for the Australian Deaflympics Team for Turkey 2017!

He has also been shortlisted to carry the torch at the Deaflympics so we are all rooting for him.

Henry's Story
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