Helping Travelling Families

Wolsey Hall Oxford helps many families who are homeschooling whilst travelling from place to place either because of work or because it suits their lifestyle.

Homeschooling whilst travelling provides the flexibility that such families need and gives the continuity of education which can’t be achieved with main stream schooling.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

The Binedells - Homeschooling whilst travelling

Meet Some Families Homeschooling While Travelling

Combining study with travel

The Springett family have two sons who study with Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling whilst travelling the world on a catamaran!

“Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but the decision came naturally and everybody was excited. Thomas enjoys the lifestyle. He has been lucky enough to meet other youngsters. And his younger brother John, 12, has also recently beg taking Secondary courses with Wolsey Hall Oxford.” Hiromi Springett

The Springett's Full Story

Exam Centres

With Wolsey Hall Oxford, we make it a priority to make sure you have a local Cambridge (or other) examination centre located within a distance suitable for you, so that you can plan ahead for the exam period.

We also help with finding local homeschooling groups or others studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford in your country, so that you need not feel alone as either a parent, child or adult learner.

Homeschooling whilst travelling is a really feasible way to ensure your child continues their education wherever in the world your travels may take you.

Exam arrangements


At Wolsey Hall Oxford, we understand that nomadic, or even semi-nomadic families, face unique challenges when it comes to obtaining an excellent education. Children who travel  frequently may feel different and unable to connect with their age-equivalent peers in the places they are travelling through.

We have a growing range of activities including competitions and clubs for our students enabling them to feel part of our international homeschooling community even though they may not be settled in one geographical area.

Sebastian's Story

Jin Bo-kyung, Homeschooling Student, South Korea

I was mainly homeschooled in primary school and had recently moved to Korea but had yet to learn the language. Therefore, home study was the best and most convenient choice for me. The initial study advice I received was clear, informative and easy to understand. My Tutors were more than helpful and were quick to answer any of my questions and grade my assignments. They gave me their observation on my strengths and weaknesses on each subject. The course materials provided were fairly easy to understand and were more than enough to cover all the key points of the syllabus. My Student Support Manager was excellent in not only guiding me but keeping me up to date on events and other stuff as well.

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