Students in 123 Countries

Since 1894, more than 750,000 students around the world have achieved qualifications through home study with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Today we support homeschoolers in 123 countries. Provided they have an internet connection, your children could join our international homeschooling community today!

To find out which Wolsey Hall course level your child should start on please have a look at our International School Grades chart.

You can read about some of the countries in which we work below.


Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

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Humayra Esat - A Level Student, Lilongwe, Malawi

I could not find any schools in Malawi that offered the A Level subjects I wanted to study and so I finally decided to enrol myself at an online school. Wolsey Hall was the third and only successful online school I enrolled at to study English Language and Literature. I only wish I came across it earlier. Being an autodidact and studying from home can be very daunting but the team at Wolsey Hall helped me in every way possible. My tutor, Rachel W, was especially helpful and she provided me with beneficial feedback every step of the way. I am generally a very anxious person and Michelle M from Learning Support also helped me to cope with my anxiety. By the grace of God, I managed to achieve the results I wanted – even scoring an A* in English Literature!

Martin Reeves - Secondary Parent, Thailand

We had homeschooled our son Harry ourselves in Bangkok up until he was nine-years-old, but when my wife and I became too busy with work we decided he should go to school. We chose an ‘English Programme’ school but the standard of English turned out to be very low. After a while we realised Harry was better off learning at home again and we chose Wolsey Hall to guide him through his studies. The Tutors and staff at Wolsey Hall are wonderful and so helpful… and the support and flexibility of his timetable enabled Harry to accompany us during our work related travels, giving him not only academic knowledge but also experience of real life. I would thoroughly recommend Wolsey Hall to any parent who has decided to homeschool their children.