Homeschooling in Belgium

Courses for Ages 4-18

Homeschooling in Belgium has become increasingly popular over recent years with both nationals and ex-pat families choosing to have more say over their child’s education.

Education is compulsory for children in Belgium from age six up to 18 years old. Homeschooling is perfectly legal and for some families this is their preferred choice for a variety of reasons.

Wolsey Hall Oxford offers courses at Primary and Lower Secondary level before children progress onto IGCSE and A level. As a Cambridge accredited school, our courses are academically challenging while also being stimulating and engaging for the learner.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

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Equivalent qualifications

Wolsey Hall equivalent course
Getuigschrift van Lager secundair Onderwijs
Getuigschrift van Hoger Secundair Onderwijs
Between IGCSE and AS level
Bekwaamheidsdiploma dat Toegang Verieent tot het Hoger Onderwijs
A level
Diploma van de Hogere Secundaire technische school
A level
Diploma van secundair onderwijs
A level

International learners

We have students in over 120 countries so when your child is homeschooling in Belgium, they are part of a truly international community! Although our courses follow the English National Curriculum, our qualifications are recognised globally so you can apply for universities anywhere in the world. Your child will also have the opportunity to get involved in our Primary and Secondary communities where they have the chance to meet other Wolsey Hall homeschoolers.

working from home and homeschooling does not need to be daunting
Boy homeschooling in the USA with mother's support

Key elements of our courses

  • Courses comprise of modules that are easy to follow at a pace suitable for the student
  • All textbooks are included in the course fees
  • Quizzes within the modules check the understanding of course content
  • Qualified Tutors mark assignments within 3-5 days and provide detailed feedback
  • Parents have their own login to our online learning platform in order to monitor their child’s progress
  • Your allocated Student Progress Manager ensures your child stays on track
  • Tutors provide email responses when students need extra guidance

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