Lower Secondary Global Perspectives

The benefits of studying Lower Secondary Global Perspectives

Our Lower Secondary Global Perspectives course is a skills-based course which will enable your child to develop skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication.

These are the skills that are necessary to succeed in a globally connected environment, as well as at school, university and beyond. By using carefully sourced materials and resources, our course will expose your child to different cultures, perspectives and traditions.

There is particular focus on developing the ability to think critically through captivating and exciting global topics such as the environment, education, cultural identity and human rights. This course is an exciting supplement to our range of Lower Secondary subjects.

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Key topics covered

Each course is taught through a series of challenges. Each challenge includes activities that teach your child vital skills, such as researching and presenting information. Throughout each module, there are opportunities for your child to learn the importance of considering personal, national and global perspectives. Your child will study a range of topics in each year:

Year 7: Identity, diplomacy and national traditions, globalisation, education, seeking refuge, employment

Year 8: Water crisis, migration, food, the future, trade and aid, sustainability, making a difference

Year 9: Disease and health, conflict resolution, sports for all, languages, writing a report

The syllabus and hours of study

  • Our Lower Secondary Global Perspectives course assumes no prior knowledge and starts from the basics.
  • Students are welcome to enrol on the Year 7 course, irrespective of their year of study. This will help students better embed the skills that are an integral part of the course.
  • The course follows the Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Curriculum Framework.
  • Allow for up to 3 hours per week of study time for your child to complete each year of Global Perspectives plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • We find that most children can complete the course in 9 months.

Course sample

Course Fees

We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything! We started this journey with a lot of trepidation and uncertainty. Not knowing anyone personally who has actually homeschooled their children made the entire experience all the more daunting. However, we found the structure and content of work at Wolsey Hall very straightforward and easy to follow. This entire experience has made Haroon take ownership of his learning and be a lot more involved in his studies. This journey was definitely made a lot easier by having you as our Progress Manager! The communication on your side has always been fantastic and you’ve always been so prompt with your replies which made everything so much easier!
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