Lower Secondary Latin & The Roman World

The benefits of studying Lower Secondary Latin & the Roman world

This Lower Secondary Latin & the Roman World course explores how Romans (and the Greeks before them) have fascinated people of all ages for centuries. How did their ideas manage to influence so many subsequent cultures? Why has their literature had such an impact on almost every western culture that has appeared since (and as far east as Afghanistan)? Why has their brand of politics been so influential?

Studying the Lower Secondary Latin & the Roman World course from Wolsey Hall will allow you to find out the answers to these questions and more! You will learn about the gods who were worshipped and also about both divine and mortal Roman heroes.

Alongside the stories and history, you will be learning Latin, a language which is very influential in western history and literature and which you will also recognise in many other European languages.

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Key topics covered

  • The Olympian Gods
  • Roman heroes
  • Mortal Roman heroes
  • Roman Gods – private and public religion
  • Men who became Gods and Foreign Gods
  • Core Latin language
Disclaimer: The Latin and the Roman World course introduces students to both Latin language and cultural content. Therefore, the coursebook has images of artwork and sculptures from the Roman period; some of which contain nudity. If you are concerned about custom and import restrictions regarding materials such as this to your country, please contact our admissions team for further support.

The syllabus and hours of study

  • Our Lower Secondary Latin & the Roman World homeschooling course assumes no prior knowledge and starts from the basics. Students will need however to be confident readers, to make the most of the rich cultural material in the course book. They will also need to be committed to the academic challenge of learning a grammatically complex language from scratch.
  • Allow for up to 3 hours per week of study time for your child to complete each year of Lower Secondary Latin & The Roman World plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • We find that most children can complete the course in 9 months.

Course samples

Course Fees

I appreciate the fact that the needs of my childrens’ learning experience are a priority at Wolsey Hall. The course materials are well designed; staff are committed to homeschooling and my children can study at a pace which suits them.
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