Speaking and Listening in the English Language

The benefits of studying Speaking and Listening in the English Language

Our Speaking and Listening in the English Language course consists of one-to-one lessons with a Wolsey Hall Tutor. All our Tutors are native English speakers and fully qualified Primary School teachers. During the lessons, there will be the opportunity to practise English speaking and listening skills according to your child’s requirements.

Speaking and listening skills are vital for all primary children as they form the cornerstone of effective communication and learning. For children navigating English as an additional language, the development of speaking and listening skills is paramount. For those students with additional needs, the student may benefit from opportunities to practice their communication skills in the English language.

Following the first lesson, each lesson is tailored to meet the needs of the student, and the speaking and listening content will be mapped to the student’s current level of English language. Parents are welcome to suggest topics that they would like covered in the English conversation lessons.

Please note: Our Speaking and Listening course can only be taken alongside our Primary English or our Primary English as a Second Language course. When you enrol on the Speaking and Listening in the English Language course, the lessons are valid until the Expiry Date of your current English/English as a Second Language course.

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An overview of our Speaking and Listening Course

Our Speaking and Listening course develop students:

  • confidence in spoken English
  • expressive language and vocabulary
  • oral comprehension skills
  • spoken sentence construction
  • development of aural skills through hearing the English language in conversation.


The skills developed within the course will enable students to speak in and listen to the English language with increased confidence, understanding and fluency.

Speaking and Listening English
Listening and speaking English

The syllabus and hours of study

  • The Speaking and Listening course consists of 18 x 30-minute face-to-face speaking lessons between the student and Tutor.
  • The frequency of the lessons is by agreement between the Parent and Tutor. We recommend no more than two lessons per week, and no more than two-week gaps between lessons.
  • There is an option upon completion of the lessons to purchase another Speaking and Listening course within your English/English as a Second Language course term.

For course fee information for Speaking and Listening in the English Language please mention your interest in the course to your Admissions Officer when making an enquiry, or speak with your Student Progress Manager if your child is already a student at Wolsey Hall Oxford.