Facts about homeschooling

In the past couple of years families worldwide have been forced into homeschooling due to Covid lockdowns. Many were pleasantly surprised by the experience and how well their children adapted to this way of learning so they chose to stick with it when schools reopened. But did you know any of the following facts about homeschooling?

Homeschool reasons

Parents decide to homeschool their children for a wide range of reasons. It may be that the child has struggled in mainstream school due to bullying or special educational needs, or they may simply not enjoy the restrictions and limitations of school. For others it can be due to commitments they have that don’t fit around the school day like elite athletes and performers. Some families may move around a lot and homeschooling provides a more consistent education.

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Parental involvement

In homeschooling parents are far more involved in their child’s education. You decide which subjects/curriculum they study, if indeed any, and you have more input into supporting them in their learning. This is especially so with younger children, but many parents report it actually brings the family closer together.

Keeping up to date

Homeschooling parents often keep up to date with the latest research on how children learn and the best strategies to adopt. Non-homeschooling parents tend to leave this up to the teachers at school.

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Reaching their potential

Homeschooled children often do better in their exams than those attending school. Wolsey Hall’s exam results are regularly higher than the UK national average. We believe it’s because the student has the freedom to study at their own pace and depth without the distractions and pressures of the classroom.

A welcoming community

The homeschool community is vast and there are many groups, online and in-person, that families can join. As well as providing social opportunities, these groups are also very open to sharing information, advice and tips and will help you understand the facts about homeschooling.

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Famous homeschoolers

There are many famous people who were homeschooled including Sir Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie and Serena and Venus, the tennis playing sisters. There are plenty more as our blog reveals!

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