Career and University Advisory Service

Career and university advice for UK and international students

Our comprehensive Careers and University Advisory Service is designed to help Wolsey Hall Oxford students make the right choices as they move into employment or on to the next stage of their education.  

Leading universities and employers worldwide welcome homeschooled students. 

Over the years, our students have been supported as they have made successful applications to top global institutions – the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Melbourne, the University of British Columbia, MIT, Yale University, to name just a few.  

Other students decide to move directly into employment or elect to complete an apprenticeship. We are able to guide them in the steps they need to take to start their career successfully.  

It is important that students start thinking about their university and/careers options at an early stage so that they can ensure the correct courses are taken. We would recommend the process should begin by the end of the first year of A levels at the latest. For many universities, particularly those in the United States, the application process is lengthy and complex, and time will be required in order to make a strong application by the deadline for submissions.  

Many students also work with the Advisory Service prior to choosing their IGCSE and/or AS and A level courses.  

 We offer university advice for students looking to apply to a UK university and for those applying to international institutions. We also offer a range of consultation options for students who would like to focus solely on career selection and planning.

Our Career and University Advisory service is provided by Sarah Wilson. Sarah is a highly experienced independent educational advisor with over 25 years experience in this field.

Please note that the Career and University Advisory Service is only available to students enrolled with Wolsey Hall, or as part of our ongoing admissions process.  

Wolsey Hall wall of fame of past students

We are very proud of our past students and have created a Wall of Fame page that celebrates their progress to a wide range of top Universities both in the UK and overseas.

UK University advice

UK University Advice Service

For those applying to UK Universities, the process is somewhat streamlined in that you will only have to complete one UCAS form which will require one student personal statement and one reference.

Our University Advisor, Sarah Wilson, can give advice on everything from choosing the right A levels to how to complete your UCAS form and make the most of your personal statement.

International University Advice Service

Unlike the UK system, where there is one form used to apply to all UK Universities, for international Universities, each University will have their own separate form and application process. Our University Advisor, Sarah Wilson, will be able to help you find your way through the complexities of the different systems in order to make the best possible applications to your chosen Universities.

International University Advice Service

Careers Advisory service

Sarah Wilson is our highly experienced careers advisor who is able to give detailed and individualised careers advice to students.

This service will guide students on all aspects of career considerations from academic course choices, career selection and application/CV/interview planning and preparation.

This service is available to both UK and international students.

Making the right choices

I’ve done it, I’ve gotten in to university, and Edinburgh University, no less! Thank you so very much for your help in preparing my application. I really and truly could not have done this without you, and I wanted to let you know that all your work to help me has borne university-shaped fruit. I am extremely excited, and VERY busy getting ready as I move very soon. Thank you! Joel Roderick helped Annelise with her application to Edinburgh University.
Scottish flag

Annelise O’Connell, Homeschooling Student


Thank you so much for your help with James’ application. He has an unconditional offer to do Computer Science at Kings College London which I think is our first choice, and other offers. All the best at what must be a challenging and hectic time.
Union Jack flag

Rona – Mother of James