Visiting universities

Tips to get the most from a university visit

Visiting a university campus is very important: it is a way to verify your assumptions about that school, city, region, or country; to ask important questions; to let the school know of your interest to attend there; and, to try to get a sense of your comfort level there.

Don’t just drive around campus and look at the buildings. Below are some activities that might help you get a feel for the school:

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Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School

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Visiting universities should form part of your decision making process
  • Take a tour. Arrange this ahead of time.
  • Attend an information session if offered. This will provide you with a well-rounded foundation for decisions and help to distinguish features of the school. It might also provide some tips for admissions.
  • Attend a class or two. Choose to see one of the large lecture style classes and a smaller seminar class if possible. Again, ask to set this up in advance.
  • Visit with students in the academic setting. If possible, meet some students enrolled in the area of study in which you are interested. Ask about academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Arrange an interview with an Admissions Officer, if possible.
  • Read the university newspaper. Get an idea of what is going on around campus and the community.
  • Check out the bulletin boards around campus. This will help to identify the activities that are available.
  • Write down your impressions, especially if you are visiting more than one campus! Take note of things that strike you as interesting, positive or negative.
Visiting several Universities will allow for comparisons

Be prepared!

Remember to dress appropriately as you may have the chance to meet an admission representative while on campus.

It is necessary to phone ahead to set up campus tours and interviews.

Do your homework! Read the website and prepare questions for the interviewer and tour guides.

If you are interested in or will need financial aid, set an appointment with a Financial Officer to find out what is available and what guidelines need to be followed.