Homeschooling After Lockdown

Justine’s story

Seventeen-year-old Justine started homeschooling after lockdown with Wolsey Hall in South Africa after enjoying online learning with her high school during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Justine sat her IGCSE exams with Wolsey Hall and received the following results:

Maths, English, Biology – 94%
Physics and Chemistry – 93%
French – 97%

She is now studying for her A levels with Wolsey Hall.

International homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports students who are homeschooling in over 120 countries worldwide.

Deciding to homeschool

“Prior to starting homeschooling after lockdown, I did some thorough research on my options and I came across Wolsey Hall on the internet.

The Wolsey Hall website is fantastic and I was immediately able to access information about all my subject options: the Canvas online platform system; testimonials from past students; and even samples of some of the courses. This made it very easy and reassuring to make an informed decision to start homeschooling with Wolsey Hall.”

My homeschool experience

“I have truly been so impressed with Wolsey Hall. The quality of resources available on Canvas and the Tutor feedback and support have been excellent.

Cambridge is also an amazing schooling system set to a very high standard and I have no doubt that after my A levels, I will be well prepared for tertiary education anywhere in the world.”

If you are considering homeschooling

“Aside from the education, another benefit of homeschooling is the added spare time that I have to pursue my hobbies of tennis and music – I am currently taking Grade 8 flute. 

“My advice for prospective Wolsey Hall students is that homeschooling requires lots of motivation and self-discipline, but if you have this, then Wolsey Hall would be a fantastic choice for you!”

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