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Anna’s Story

Sixteen-year-old student Anna is a homeschooling singer in Cyprus, studying IGCSE courses with Wolsey Hall Oxford. She has been performing in a band with her brother since the age of 9 and turned to homeschooling when she found it increasingly difficult to attend school with her music commitments.

“After the pandemic, I found it very hard to combine my schooling and music, and fortunately my parents felt likewise,” explains Anna. “After some research, we came to the conclusion that Wolsey Hall is the best option for creative people!”

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Performing artists homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford have the flexibility to attend rehearsals and performances, while obtaining a high quality education.

Anna is currently studying IGCSE English language, English literature, Extended Maths, Computer Science, Psychology, French and Economics, all while busily rehearsing and performing in her band, SSIBLINGS.

“My two favourite subjects are Computer Science and Psychology. Before starting my course, I used to hate Computer Science and moreover I completely didn’t understand it, but I really wanted to try something new. The IGCSE stage is a big step from Lower Secondary, and so, after I took the subject, I instantly realised how much I loved programming. With Psychology, I was always interested in how our brains develop and work, as well as why some people react to certain things differently. Although the subject is hard and there’s a lot of theory, I still enjoy it very much.”

Finding motivation

“Studying can be difficult sometimes especially in terms of motivation. Even when I am very busy with my music, in the studio recording or performing at a festival, I must have at least one hour of studying a day. I will always find time for studying because it affects my future as well as my music career.

“Since I enrolled with Wolsey Hall, I have found it helpful to rearrange my workspace and morning routine to help me with my mood and motivation.”

“When talking about performing artists, I can definitely say that homeschooling really helps with time organisation, and I am grateful that Wolsey Hall has such a great team. The Student Progress Manager helps you with your schedule organisation and are always there if you feel confused about the curriculum. You feel less pressurised by the number of children studying with you and you can work at your own pace, which really emphasises how comfortable and efficient Wolsey Hall is.”

The future

“I plan to progress to A levels with Wolsey Hall. As for my future plans, I want to continue evolving in my music career and reaching new heights in the music industry with my brother. I love to reach out to people through music, and help the audience find something relatable in our creations. I still don’t know where I would like to study after I finish A levels, but I know that what will be, will be!”

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