Homeschooling in Scotland

Saffron’s story

Thirteen-year-old South African homeschooler Saffron, is half Scottish and half South African, and has been homeschooling for just over three years. After spending time in mainstream and Montessori schools, she found she wasn’t stimulated by the educational resources and wanted more time to pursue her extracurricular passions.

Saffron is currently studying four IGCSEs – English LiteratureEnglish LanguageAdditional Maths and Latin and three Year 9 subjects – FrenchGeography and Science. She plans to take 10 IGSCEs over the next couple of years.

International homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford has students in over 120 countries worldwide.

Saffron is homeschooling in Scotland

The decision to homeschool

“The decision to take Saffron out of school was made carefully and over some time,” explains Saffron’s mum Sarah. “It was also prompted by our love of travel; having family living in two hemispheres was a large part it.”

“The first year of homeschool was exciting – learning, with parental support, from textbooks but Saffron felt she needed a little more structure to really fly, so two years ago she enrolled with Wolsey Hall and has never looked back!”

“The study platform, Canvas, is thorough and easy to use and her Tutors are amazingly dedicated and responsive. Saffron enjoys being able to cover in-depth topics at her own speed, which is generally a little faster than mainstream school permitted.”

Developing important skills

The family has enjoyed many aspects of home educating, the flexibility it offers in numerous areas, from learning as fast or as slow as your child feels comfortable with, to being able to plan your timetable and travels without depending on set holidays and term times.

“I feel I have become more independent since I started with Wolsey Hall,” says Saffron. “My organisational skills are much better. I’m able to arrange my day around whatever needs particular attention, which, among other things, I don’t think I would have been so experienced at. We live beside a beautiful Scottish beach so it’s great to be able to get all my work finished in the morning, for instance, and then spend the afternoon on the beach. I also love that I can take my school with me wherever I go.”

Saffron is homeschooling in Scotland

Time to enjoy activities

Saffron enjoys playing the piano to a high level, reading, writing, drawing, horse riding, running, yoga and swimming. She attends several extracurricular clubs and regularly submits entries into Wolsey Hall’s clubs. One of her pieces was chosen as “Outstanding” in the Creative Writing Club. A few of Saffron’s friends have now joined her in homeschooling – most with Wolsey Hall which, she says, is brilliant.

Saffron has many dreams for the future – including studying either English Literature, Veterinary Science or Music at university.

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