Studying with Wolsey Hall – by skater, Phebe Bekker

Sixteen year old British ice-skating champion, Phebe Bekker, is currently in the USA training with the hope of competing in the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics whilst studying with Wolsey Hall. In this blog post she shares what it’s like to homeschool with Wolsey Hall and how homeschooling has enabled her to follow her dreams without compromising her education.

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Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Ice skater Phebe Bekker
Hi, my name is Phebe Bekker and I am a homeschooled athlete studying with Wolsey Hall. My ice dance partner, James, and I train in the US whilst representing Great Britain. I just wanted to put together a little blog post and talk about my experience with Wolsey Hall so far and how being homeschooled has benefitted me. I just want to start by saying that studying with Wolsey Hall has opened up so many new opportunities for me, especially due to the flexible schedule that it offers. As a full-time athlete, most of my day is spent on the ice training which doesn’t allow me to go to a regular school with set hours. I did try that for a few months but I ended up going into school at lunchtime and only going to three lessons a day. I ended up being really far behind all of my classmates and was obviously not a sustainable route to take.

Meet Phebe and James

Flexibility to study when and where I like

My parents and I started to look into homeschooling and we came across Wolsey Hall which had also been mentioned to us through friends and other parents. What made us chose Wolsey Hall Oxford, over some of the other companies, was the completely independent schedule. This sounded perfect for me as I could work anywhere in the world whenever I wanted. It was really that freedom and flexibility which made me prefer homeschooling as opposed to attending a regular school. Everyone has their own reason to switch to homeschooling, however at first, I wasn’t sure if it was a choice I definitely wanted to make. I loved school and I loved seeing my friends everyday but I loved my sport more and I knew what sacrifices I had to make to be the best athlete I could be. Now I look back, I don’t see school as a thing I had to sacrifice. Homeschooling has taught me so much more than I realise and has opened up so many incredible opportunities. It taught me incredible amounts of self-discipline that I never had when I was at school. It also gave me a lot of independence which I love more than anything and to know that you are the one deciding what and when you want to study gives you that control that makes you feel more at ease.

IGCSE success!

This summer I received my IGCSE results after two years of schooling with Wolsey Hall and to say I’m pleased is an understatement. I actually got my results back in the middle of an airport in Istanbul, Turkey and everyone must have thought I was crazy just from the scene I created ahaha! The two grades that I was most proud of was my 9 in English language and my 8 in Psychology. English was one of my favourite subjects over the past two years as the assignments that Wolsey Hall provided really improved my writing. I would always look forward to the next English assignment as they were always really interesting and I had a lot of fun doing them.
Psychology was also a favourite of mine and I will continue to take it as one of my A levels with Wolsey Hall. I found that most of the content I was learning in the topics were aspects that I could apply to real life. I also found that I could actually use what I learnt in the sports psychology topics in my training on the ice. The amount of support I received from the Tutors throughout the whole two years leading up to the exams was incredible. It’s normal to think that you are doing it all on your own but each one of my Tutors, plus my student progress manager, helped me through every step and were always there when I needed guidance so I am personally grateful for all of their support. Overall, my experience with Wolsey has been amazing and I honestly can’t wait to start this new chapter of my life by continuing through to my A levels. Thanks for taking the time to read about my experience! I hope I’ve given a quick insight into the world of a Wolsey Hall student.
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