Social Anxiety and School Phobia

Wolsey Hall has a growing number of homeschooling students whose parents have taken the decision to take them out of mainstream education due to social anxiety or school phobia and we understand the issues faced by such students and their families.

Our Learning Support Manager has supported a number of children who have had negative experiences at school and is always on hand to provide help and advice. In particular, we offer a range of services including Mentoring and Special Educational Needs support to help to overcome the issues faced by your child.

School Phobia - Charlie's Story

Pressure and Stress

Social media has brought many benefits for young people. It allows them to stay in touch with their friends and expand their social network. But it also has a less positive side: the rise of “cyber bullying” and the “selfie culture” are just two examples.

Add to this the increasing pressures on children with relentless testing and examinations and it’s little wonder that young people are feeling the strain!

Homeschooling due to Bullying

A Chance to Thrive

For many children with anxiety or school phobia, homeschooling can provide an alternative method of learning away from the challenges they face in mainstream schooling. Indeed, many children who may not have thrived in a traditional classroom environment often grow and flourish when they are given the opportunity to learn at home.

Learning Support
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