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Homeschooling Courses for students aged 7-18

In recent years, Wolsey Hall Oxford has seen an increasing number of students homeschooling in Kenya.

Families in Kenya are frequently looking to homeschooling options as an alternative to public school or a more affordable option to private schooling. According to HLSDA, more than 400 families are homeschooling in Kenya but actual numbers are unclear.

Wolsey Hall Oxford provides structured, stimulating and academically rigorous Primary and Secondary courses, including IGCSE and A Level in a wide range of subjects designed specifically for homeschoolers. Our team of Tutors is experienced in teaching at all levels and is committed to a three to five working day response when returning assignments.

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Homeschooling Footballers

20 young footballers at the Football Kenya Federation in Nairobi, Kenya, have enrolled on Wolsey Hall Oxford’s English, Maths and Science courses at Lower Secondary level.  Kenya’s national Under 16s football squad were previously finding it difficult to juggle mainstream schooling alongside their intensive training programme.  Wolsey Hall’s courses have also provided flexibility around their tournament commitments. FKF have just been playing in Spain against junior national teams from all over the world.

Each young man has also chosen a 4th subject to study with WH – mostly either French of Spanish – as many of them dream of playing football in Europe during their careers.

Homeschooling grows in poularity

Homeschooling in Kenya is growing in popularity with many organised events.

The East Africa Community of Homeschoolers, arranges a regular Africa Home Education Conference and there are many support groups for families.

A number of home schooling co-ops formed by parents get together regularly in order for children to socialise and take part in activities that benefit from being part of a group such as field trips, sports and arts and crafts.

About our courses

Our course fees include all the books your child will need to complete a course, as well as access to our online learning platform. Here your child can retrieve their course materials, submit their assignments and communicate with their Tutors. We also offer a 30-day refund policy.

In addition to subject Tutors, your child will also be allocated a Student Progress Manager who will support them throughout their course, and help them keep on track with assignment submissions.

A Wolsey Hall course provides a cost effective but quality alternative to a private school education for those homeschooling in Kenya.

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