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Courses for students aged 7-18 and above

In recent years, Wolsey Hall Oxford has seen an increasing number of students homeschooling in Kenya enrolling on our courses. Families in Kenya are frequently looking to homeschooling options as an alternative to public school. According to HLSDA, more than 400 families are homeschooling in Kenya, but this most probably does not nearly reflect the total amount.

The Kenya Government Alternative Education Policy does recognise non-formal education in Kenya. But homeschoolers in Kenya would like the government to give more recognition and support to those parents who are homeschooling their children.

Wolsey Hall Oxford provides structured, stimulating and academically rigorous Primary and Secondary courses, including IGCSE and A Level, designed specifically for homeschoolers. Our team of Tutors is experienced in teaching at all levels and is committed to a three to five working day response when returning assignments.

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Milestone changes in Kenya

In February 2011, the Kenyan Ministry of Education launched a policy that officially allows the provision of Alternative Basic Education in Kenya. This is a milestone in the Kenyan education system because in the past, recognition and financial support has mostly been given to formal schools. With this new policy, the government will now begin to support many non-formal schools. Alternative education in Kenya allows students more flexibility in learning, as classes may consist of students of different ages who study at their own pace and complete subjects that are relevant to equipping them for life.

About our courses

Our course fees include all the books your child will need to complete a course, as well as access to our online learning platform. Here your child can retrieve their course materials, submit their assignments and communicate with their Tutors. We also offer a 30-day refund policy. In addition to subject Tutors, your child will also be allocated a Student Progress Manager who will support them throughout their course, and help them keep on track with assignment submissions. A Wolsey Hall course provides a cost effective but quality alternative to a private school education for those homeschooling in Kenya.

Back to the original system?

“Homeschoolers in Kenya now have a chance to lobby for their own recognition. Currently, the government’s definition of alternative education is that it is only for those students living under difficult circumstances. A student from a family that can afford to pay for formal schooling would not be expected to enrol in alternative education.

The fact that parents would choose to educate their child at home and use their own resources to provide an alternative, tailor-made education for their child is a concept that has yet to be understood and accepted by the Ministry of Education.

An interesting fact to note is that homeschooling was successfully practiced only two generations ago before colonisation by the British, who introduced formal schooling in Kenya. In my family, my grandparents were homeschooled within the African Tribal Education System, but my parents went to missionary schools and subsequently educated my siblings and I in public and private schools.

Having gone through formal schooling, I have reverted back to homeschooling my children because I recognised lost family values and lack of individualised education, amongst other things. The recognition of homeschooling by the government in Kenya remains a hope for the future.”

Mary Muriuki – founder and director of Elimu Nyumbani, a homeschool support group.

Equivalent Qualifications

Below you will find a comparison of Kenyan exam levels with the Wolsey Hall Oxford equivalent courses:



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Cambridge IGCSE

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