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According to most recent data, there are more than 15 000 students homeschooling in Poland, with the numbers continuing to rise. As with the trend globally, parents in Poland have seen the benefits of this alternative form of education, including the flexibility and convenience that it offers both students and families.

Wolsey Hall is excited to offer our Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A level courses to students homeschooling in Poland and we look forward to increasing our footprint in the country.

Our Cambridge International IGCSE and A level courses provide qualifications that are accepted by Universities around the world, providing your children with myriad further education options when their time at Wolsey Hall comes to an end.

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Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

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Equivalent qualifications

Wolsey Hall equivalent course
Certificate of Completion from a Gymnasium
Certificate of Completion from a General Lyceum
AS level
Certificate of Maturity
A level

How the UK education system works

How our courses run

Carefully structured to combine online and offline tuition, all Wolsey Hall courses can be completed at a pace that suits our learners, meaning that they have the flexibility to manage their own time.

Our UK-trained team of Tutors provides support and feedback via email and we promise a five-day turn around on all assignment marking to keep your child motivated and engaged. Our students homeschooling in Poland are assigned their own Student Progress Manager who will monitor their progress, answer their queries and help to keep them on track.

Teenage girl homeschooling in Poland
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Working to their own schedule

We find that our students love the flexibility of our courses, which makes them more enjoyable. Whether fast learners or those who need a little extra help, Wolsey Hall’s programme is structured in a way that children are able to create a schedule that works for them.

With no live classes, students homeschooling in Poland are free to study at a time that suits them, through both our online and offline course materials and videos, which enrich the learning experience. We find many of our younger students prefer to study in the morning, while teenagers often find they concentrate better later in the day. The choice is up to them. Our courses are totally flexible as we want to ensure that concepts are fully understood before our students move onto the next module.

Thank you for a wonderful year of exciting and challenging studies! This year my daughter has become a more clever and responsible human being. The English course was so colourful and exciting with brilliant texts and clever grammar approach. Natalia has improved her punctuation so much!
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Anna Dombek, Primary Homeschooling Parent


Wolsey Hall provided me exactly with what I needed at the time – a flexible, accessible way to study for my IGCSEs. Their Tutors are excellent and were quick to provide thorough and constructive feedback on my assignments, as well as supplying me with important advice and resources on exam technique, ensuring that I was as prepared as possible. I am very pleased with my IGCSE grades – four of which are A*s, then an A and a B. They allowed me to go on to study A Levels, which I would not be doing right now had I not found Wolsey Hall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible way to study and is perhaps unable to attend a public or private school, or simply wants to ensure a quality learning experience, and is capable of mostly self-motivated learning with the aid of Tutor feedback and online resources.
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David Fomin, IGCSE Student


I’m most impressed that Lily can now start to read and write thanks to Wolsey Hall college. I think she is now well ahead of her class mates. We live in South East Asia and my daughter is 5.5 yrs old. Her school was closed during the China Virus lockdown for several months. We have nearly finished Part 1 – 12 week lessons in English and Maths. English is not my daughters ‘mothers tongue’ as such; and before starting the course she could not read any words and could only write basic words. At week 12 I’m very impressed with her as she can now read and write so well. Nearly every lesson there’s a lot of practice with ‘blending’ words for reading and ‘splitting’ sounds for spelling. It really works and she enjoys it as well. The Maths lessons are also good with many different teaching techniques. All resources can be downloaded and thus the guided teaching is easy to follow. Highly recommend this homeschooling college.
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Tim D – Primary Homeschooling Parent


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