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Homeschooling in Romania

An increasing number of families are turning to homeschooling in Romania as an alternative to public school.

High profile homeschooling families include Romanian actor Dragos Bucur and his wife, singer Dana Nalbaru, who in 2016 took the decision to withdraw their daughter from traditional school in order to homeschool her.

Current estimates indicate around 500 children are presently homeschooling in Romania with this number rising year on year.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

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Homeschooling and the Law

Romanian law does not presently recognise homeschooling as a legal alternative for education. However, according to Didgi 24 news channel, the Education Minister had confirmed in 2016 that they would be ‘looking into the legal framework that regulates the system’ The Homeschooling Association of Romania was founded in 2002 and they have been actively pushing to make homeschooling in Romania legal. A number of Romanian homeschooling groups and websites dedicated to homeschooling are now also present online.

Homeschooling Schools

Currently Homeschooling families register themselves to school officials as Private Schools. Another alternative for parents considering homeschooling in Romania is to enrol their children in a study centre. The Cluj Study Center operates a blended learning approach where distance learning using Wolsey Hall Oxford courses is combined with a traditional schooling environment.

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The majority of the Wolsey Hall Oxford IGCSE and A Level courses follow the Cambridge International Exam board courses which are welcomed at Universities worldwide. Below is a comparison of Romanian qualifications and the equivalent Wolsey Hall Oxford courses.



Wolsey Hall Equivalent Course
Certificat de Absolvire a Ciclului Inferior al Liceului (Junior High School Graduation Certificate);

Diplomă/Certificat de Absolvire a Invăţământului Obligatoriu de 10 ani (Compulsory Education Graduation Diploma/Certificate (Grade 10));

Diplomă/Certificat de Absolvire a Şcolii Profesionale (Vocational Secondary Education Graduation Diploma/Certificate).

Certificat de Absolvire a Liceului (High School Graduation Certificate)

– Considered between GCSE and AS Level

AS Level

Diplomă de Bacalaureat (Baccalaureate Diploma)

A Level

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