What is a gap year?

A Gap Year is a structured period of personal growth that can include such activities as volunteering, interning, paid work experience, language study, travel and enrichment programmes.

Taking a year off before studying at university is becoming a more popular option with high school graduates. Having that year to reflect on interests, skills and desires can give a new direction or provide a strong motivation to move ahead with one’s education.

Taking a gap year experience is advisable if there is a plan and a goal that is to be achieved during that time. Drifting aimlessly will not provide a strong foundation for future studies. Universities, or employers, will want an individual to be able to articulate the goal and what was accomplished during the gap year.

The suggestions below are seen as positive experiences by university Admissions officers:

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taking a gap year to volunteer is a popular options for students

Gap year ideas

● Travelling to learn about a new culture or immerse oneself in a home culture (after being an expat)
● Community service or volunteer work
● Additional language training and culture immersion
● Full time work and internships

Careful consideration

The decision to take a gap year should be carefully considered. Students who take a gap year often apply to university during their final year, get accepted to the university of their choice, and then “defer” their actual enrollment for one year while they work, study, or travel. However, not all universities have this “deferral” option.

For more information about gap year opportunities and/or internships, contact the International University Advisor.