Homeschooling in Kuwait

Abdulrazaq’s story

Seventeen-year-old Abdulrazaq began homeschooling in Kuwait after difficulties in mainstream school. Following four years of homeschooling in Kuwait, Abdulrazaq and his family are now living in Turkey where they have continued their homeschooling journey. He has just achieved three A*s, one A and one C in his IGCSEs with Wolsey Hall.

Choosing to homeschool

“Normal school was very difficult for me, especially because of my lack of fluency in Arabic, which made me distant to most of the kids around my age and of course, flunk the Arabic subjects. My mother found out about Wolsey Hall and decided that it would be best to enrol us there. It was so much better than actually going to school and I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t homeschooled.”

International homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports students in over 120 countries worldwide.

Abdulrazaq is homeschooling in Turkey with Wolsey Hall Oxford

Adapting to homeschooling

“The most enjoyable aspect was that I could study at my own pace. Back in school usually we would be held up by a student or two who didn’t understand or students bickering and messing around, but now I didn’t have to worry about that.

The biggest challenge of my studies was definitely having no set schedule. As a kid, having no school was like it was a weekend every day! Previously I never used to study unless it was almost the deadline for my assignments.

I was always a science kid, so my favourite subject was Co-ordinated Sciences.”

Facing exams

“I was very nervous at first, it was my first exam season in six years and I dreaded it, but as I sat my first exam I didn’t feel nervous at all. If anything I smiled and even chuckled while doing exams. Looking back at it, it was a very pleasant experience, although stressful, I would say that it was well worth it.

“My next step is to pursue further education with A levels. I do not know what will be happening in the future, but I’m sure wherever I am in the world, I will be able to study without trouble and I’m grateful for that.”

Exams are taken by students homeschooling in Turkey

My top tips

“First off, try your best! I used to struggle a lot due to stress once revision time began and all I can say is, just make a schedule and stick to it. Don’t dwell on your assignments if you’ve done badly on them, learn from your mistakes and put effort towards the exams, which your grades are based on.”

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