Homeschooling supplementary subject

Ariana’s story

Eighteen-year-old Ariana chose to study IGCSE Latin as a homeschooling supplementary subject to widen her choice of university options. Ariana shares her experience of combining this course while also studying her A levels.

“I decided to supplement my education with an IGCSE Latin course because I wanted to study Classics at university. I had no experience with ancient languages as none of my schools had the option to take either Latin or Greek. I decided that because I wanted to study at the best universities in the UK for Classics, completing  IGCSE Latin in six months while in my first year of A levels would help to show my initiative and dedication to the subject. Wolsey Hall was specifically chosen because I liked the flexibility of the course and the support of the Tutors who helped to adjust the course in order to suit the timeframe that I wanted.”

Supplementary Education

We support a large number of students who use homeschooling for supplementary subjects to go alongside their studies in a traditional school.

Striking a balance

“I found the balance of studying this course at home alongside my traditional school studies difficult because the workload of my A levels was demanding, but it was manageable because Wolsey Hall gave me specific deadlines and targets for assessments which helped me to manage the course in bitesize chunks.

It was easy to follow because I had a lot of support from Wolsey Hall, especially because they would adjust the deadlines if I was struggling on a particular week. My Tutor provided excellent feedback on each of my assignments; helping me to understand what I needed to focus on in order to improve.”

Finishing A levels and choosing university

“I have just finished my A levels in History, Spanish and Religious Studies and am now waiting to receive my results which will determine whether I will study Classics at the University of Oxford which is my first choice, or at the University of St Andrews where I would study a Masters in Latin.”

“It is really important to manage your time when considering homeschooling supplementary education in order to stay on track with your course. Open communication with your Tutors is vital because it enables them to help and support you, especially if you are having any issues while studying your course.”

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