A level Economics

Why study Cambridge A level Economics?

Cambridge A level Economics will give you an in-depth understanding of the impact of economics on societies around the world, as well as an appreciation of how the market economy influences national and international policy. A detailed analysis of the European Union will also help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities.

You will learn how to explain and analyse economic issues and arguments, evaluate economic information and organise, present and communicate ideas and judgements clearly.

At the end of this stimulating A level home study Economics course you will have a solid basis on which to build a career in banking, finance or government. Studying economics at A level can also open up a whole host of other career and further study opportunities in areas such as advertising, business, journalism and management consultancy.

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What do I need to know to enrol?

Some universities advise that combinations of A level subjects with similar content should be avoided. For example if you propose studying Economics and Business you are advised to contact universities before making decisions about subject combinations that include both these subjects. There is no prior knowledge requirements for A level Economics, however, all students must have a GCSE/IGCSE in English Language and Maths at Grade C/4 or above.

The syllabus and exam

The course prepares you for the Cambridge (CIE) A level syllabus 9708. The full A level qualification comprises exams at AS and at A level. Exams take place in March (India only), June and November.

AS level

Paper 1

AS level Multiple Choice worth 33% of the AS level or 17% of the full A level. (1 hour)

Paper 2

AS level Data Response and Essays worth 67% of the AS level or 33% of the full A level. (2 hours)

A level

To complete the full A level Business qualification, in addition to the AS papers above, you will take:

Paper 3

A level Multiple Choice worth 17% of the full A level. (1 hour and 15 minutes)

Paper 4

A level Data Response and essays worth 33% of the full A level. (2 hours)

There are Cambridge exam centres in the UK and over 150 countries. We can provide details of the most convenient.

All of our A level courses include a number of past exam papers in the final module. These include the most recent paper which can be taken as a mock exam and submitted to your Tutor for assessment and feedback for a modest additional fee.

Course samples

Course Fees

Wolsey Hall provided me exactly with what I needed at the time – a flexible, accessible way to study for my IGCSEs. Their Tutors are excellent and were quick to provide thorough and constructive feedback on my assignments, as well as supplying me with important advice and resources on exam technique, ensuring that I was as prepared as possible. I am very pleased with my IGCSE grades – four of which are A*s, then an A and a B. They allowed me to go on to study A Levels, which I would not be doing right now had I not found Wolsey Hall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible way to study and is perhaps unable to attend a public or private school, or simply wants to ensure a quality learning experience, and is capable of mostly self-motivated learning with the aid of Tutor feedback and online resources.
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David Fomin, IGCSE Student


I would recommend Wolsey Hall Oxford to anyone considering homeschooling. Each course has plenty of resources on canvas and the course books are very informative. Any questions or help that we needed (preparing and arranging exams etc) have always been dealt with by the friendly tutors and student progress manager. My daughter achieved excellent IGCSE results and is now taking an A Level course.
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Donna Hogan – IGCSE Parent