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We hope this page will give you the additional information you need as you select your Lower Secondary subjects.

Our Wolsey Hall Lower Secondary courses are designed to be engaging and fun, as well as academically rigorous. Our courses offer an excellent level of challenge for children and the course materials are differentiated to suit the individual needs of your child in order to help them develop their own potential. For this reason, our courses are also open to students who may be younger or older than the recommended age of 11-13. We believe that the stage your child has reached in their learning is more important than their age. So if your child is a Maths whizz, but their language skills are less developed, it might be right for them to study Year 9 for Maths, but Year 7 for English. 

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Our Lower Secondary Courses Include

  • All the required course books.
  • Our Guide to Successful Study with great ideas and tips.
  • Access to our state-of-the-art Online Learning system.
  • A wealth of online resources.
  • One to one Tutor support via email.
  • Welcome call with Tutors at beginning, middle and end of all courses with more for language courses.
  • 3 – 5 working day turnaround of your child’s assignments.
  • A designated Progress Manager for contact by you and your child throughout the course.
  • Access to our fully qualified Learning Support Manager.
  • A Tutor report at the end of all Y9 courses.

Hours of Study

Our Lower Secondary courses take approximately 100 hours of study per year (approx. 150 hours for English, Maths and Science and approx. 55 hours for Art & Design and Skills for Life) plus the time needed for preparation of each assignment for each of Years 7, 8 or 9.

This time could be longer or shorter than this depending on your child’s ability as a learner, their organisation skills, and the support they receive at home. 

Study skills sessions can be booked for those students who need a bit of extra help organising and structuring their studies.

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Moving onto IGCSE

  • Our Lower Secondary (Key Stage 3) courses will fully prepare your child to move on to the IGCSE 
  • At the end of their courses in English, Maths and Science they’ll be tested on what they’ve learned.
  • The tests will be assessed by Wolsey Hall Tutors who will provide a report on their performance.
  • We hope that both parents and children will benefit from this extra feedback.
Monitoring Progress - A family Explains

Mrs Arv - Homeschooling Parent, India

I’m really happy for them and so glad we found Wolsey Hall... This is the best school we have found... especially online. The books are amazing, simple and very informative for kids to understand easily... the course is flexible...thanks to everyone! Especially in this pandemic situation... seeing the kids study without any hassle and also doing so well is amazing and peaceful.

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