IGCSE grade requirements

IGCSE grades needed to study A level

To be accepted onto any Wolsey Hall Oxford A level course you must have GCSE/IGCSE at Grade C or 4 in both English and Maths and these will be expected as part of most university applications.

Entry requirements for other subjects are listed below.

Homeschooling student

Neurodiversity and Homeschooling Open Event

Join us on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at 10am (UK time) to find out how homeschooling works for students with neurodiverse needs at Wolsey Hall Oxford.

GCSE/IGCSE grade requirements for Wolsey Hall A level courses

A level course
IGCSE/GCSE requirement
Biology (B or 6) or Co-ordinated Science (Extended) (BB), Maths (B or 6), English Language (C or 4). Chemistry (B or 6) is strongly recommended.
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
Chemistry (B or 6) or Co-ordinated Science (Extended) BB, Maths (B or 6), English Language (C or 4)
Classical Studies
English Literature (B or 6) or History (B or 6), English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
Computer Science
Maths (B or 6) and English Language (C or 4). Computer Science is strongly recommended (C or 5)
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
AS English General Paper
First Language English Language (C or 4) or Second Language English Language (B or 6), Maths (C or 4)
English Language
English Language (A or 7), Maths (C or 4)
English Literature
English Literature (B or 6), English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
Further Maths
A Level Maths (A) or to have completed the majority of the course and be predicted an A grade. English Language (C or 4)
Geography (B or 6) or Environmental Management (B or 6), English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
History (B or 6), English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
History of Art
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
Maths (A or 7), English Language (C or 4)
Physics (B or 6) or Co-ordinated Science (Extended) BB, Maths (B or 6), English Language (C or 4). To be studied with A level Maths ideally
English Language (B or 6) and Maths (C or 4) plus either English Literature (B or 6) or History (B or 6).
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
AS Thinking Skills
English Language (C or 4), Maths (C or 4)
As a first time home-schooled student, Wolsey Hall Oxford has proved very successful and helped me to obtain the results I wanted. Not only does Wolsey offer a very well structured and focussed course but also has very insightful, informative and supportive tutors who are willing to go that extra mile to reply and explain each and every query. Through Wolsey Hall I managed to come out with completely ‘A’ grades in each AS level I took and I owe it to my Tutors for being there and helping me through it all; I couldn’t have done it without them (especially Carol – Geography Tutor, who always went the extra step to make things easier for me). I have now got into University! If you want results – look no further. Thanks Wolsey Hall!
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Brittany – A level Student


The initial study advice I received was easy to understand. My Tutors were more than helpful and were quick to answer any of my questions and grade my assignments. My Student Progress Manager was excellent in not only guiding me but keeping me up to date on events and other stuff also.

Jin Bo-Kyung, A Level Student

South Korea

I spent the evening reflecting on everything and I individually messaged all my teachers saying everything and asking for help. Long messages writing how I really feel about the course etc. and I just really wanted to thank you so much, I have never even heard of such a kind teaching group and such understanding teachers. My old school was nothing like this, and although I can’t see you in real life I already feel so so welcome and I can tell my teachers and I connect in a way. So, thank you for supporting me, it really really means the world. For many reasons I have never really fit in my schools and I love Wolsey Hall! One of my teachers replied to my message already and it really touched me how much you want to us succeed and put no unnecessary pressure on us. I am really grateful you have no idea. Have a lovely evening and don’t worry, I’m getting my working mode on. Just wanted to say your heart for the students doesn’t go unnoticed!
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Eglantine – A Level Psychology Student


To be honest, I don’t think I would have done this so easily without the entire Wolsey Hall team on board – and, all the Tutors’ help. I am quite amazed at what I’ve done!
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Hamzah Yousef Jameel, IGCSE & A level Homeschooling Student


My son Victor received the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award 2018 in China, for his 95% AS Level Maths result! We had a great time at the ceremony. Victor is obviously the youngest award winner as he skipped two years of Maths in school. The other winners for AS or A Level are either at Year 13 or studying at University level already! The IGCSE subject award winners were already in Year 12, whilst Victor is only in Year 11. I hope he will get more awards next year, with his IGCSE subjects and A Level Maths.
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Lisa Kuo, A level Homeschooling Parent

Hong Kong