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We hope this page will give you all the additional information you need as you select your Primary Level subjects.

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Our Primary Level Courses Include

  • A range of textbooks and downloadable resources providing the knowledge and understanding for each subject.
  • Access to Canvas, our learning management system, with stimulating online and offline resources
  • Access to further online learning resources to support your child’s learning
  • Assignments to complete at regular intervals throughout the course
  • Fast and helpful feedback from our Tutors (3 – 5 working days)
  • A Student Progress Manager who will monitor your child’s progress and who is available for advice and help.

Hours of Study

See the table below for the approximate time per week for our Primary Level courses:

Year 1 & 2 Year 3 – 6
English 7 hours 6 hours
Maths 5 hours 6 hours
Science 2 hours 2.5 hours
Art 2 hours
Computing 2 hours
French 1.5 hours including practice time
Geography 1 hour
History 1 hour
Music 2 hours including practice time
** This time could be longer or shorter depending on your child’s ability, their previous experience and the support they receive at home.

UK School Years 1-6 (Ages 5-10)

  • Children at UK schools study English, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Art, Music, Foreign Language and Physical Education.
  • Children may enrol at Wolsey Hall for any number or combination of subjects.
  • Subjects offered by Wolsey Hall are English, French, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Art, Music, French, Mindfulness and Physical Exercise.
  • Wolsey Hall Primary courses require between 1 – 7 hours of study per week, depending on the subject and the year of study. Additional time may be needed for assignment preparation.
  • Read more about our fees
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Mrs Arv - Homeschooling Parent, India

Nihira absolutely loves this course and the way the learning is done. It’s very relaxed and flexible. She is always excited to learn new things and loves to do all the experiments too!

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