Primary homeschooling parent role

Supporting your child

The Primary homeschooling parent role is important in supporting our young learners who are typically aged 4 – 11 years old.

Wolsey Hall Oxford provides families with all the resources needed to successfully deliver the curriculum in a home environment. But your child will need your help in several ways.

  • Getting organised
  • Accessing the learning platform, Canvas
  • Printing lessons and resources as needed
  • Structuring/timetable for the week
  • Guiding your child through each lesson
  • Supporting their completion of activities and tasks
  • Communicating with Wolsey Hall
homeschooling open event

Homeschooling Open Event – All Levels

Join us on Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 10am (UK time) to find out how homeschooling works with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Our live presentation covers how our courses work for students aged 4-18 and the extensive learning support we offer to students. There is also a question and answer session for parents at the end.

Some Primary families show how it works

Meet Primary homeschooler Jude in Texas

Jude in Texas

Azaria Primary homeschooler in the Bahamas

Azaria in the Bahamas

Abdullah Primary homeschooler in Singapore

Abdullah in Singapore

Lower Primary homeschooling parent role

Support from Wolsey Hall

Although you play a key role in the education of your child at home, you are not alone!

Your Wolsey Hall Student Progress Manager (SPM) is on-hand to help you create the right environment at home for learning, as well as help you create the perfect timetable for your home situation.

Likewise, your SPM will help you get started on our learning platform, Canvas, and is available to answer any questions you may have, as well as monitor the progress being made by your child across their chosen subjects.

In addition, your Wolsey Hall Tutors will also be on hand to talk with you about home learning and subject content, as well as answering any learning queries you may have along the way.

As Students progress

We have two phases of learning in Primary; these are Lower Primary for our youngest students in Year 1 and 2, and Upper Primary for those in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Lower Primary
Our Lower Primary students tend to need more support and help at home. Your role is very much hands-on, and you will be very involved in every aspect of your child’s education.

Upper Primary
As students move through Upper Primary, they become more independent in their learning. They quickly learn the timetable and routines and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning. By the time a student is finishing Year 6, they are likely to be working completely independently with little input and support needed from you to facilitate the learning at home. The longer our students are with Wolsey Hall, the more independent they become.

Upper Primary homeschooling parent role - facts about homeschooling

Journey continued

On completion of Primary, our students move to Lower Secondary. This phase of school is student-facing, and all our lessons are written for the child to work through independently. By this stage in the learning journey, you will only need to provide a small level of support for your child.