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A level Home Study Courses

The Value of A Levels

A Levels are recognised by employers and universities alike as the "gold standard" of education. Good A Level passes will secure entry to the best UK universities and to universities worldwide. Our A Level home study courses are the most flexible way to achieve the qualification.

A Level exam periods

Most of our A Level courses are for the Cambridge (CIE) or Edexcel Exam Boards, which, because they are international qualifications, are offered at both Summer and Winter sittings.

Entry Requirements for A Level Courses

• In order to be accepted onto any of the A Level courses at Wolsey Hall, students must have:

- Grade C or equivalent at IGCSE/GCSE in both Maths and English Language
- Grade B or equivalent at IGCSE/GCSE in the subject(s) selected for study at A Level (but see below re Maths)

The second point above does not apply to Accounting, Business, Economics, Law or Psychology, for which no prior learning is required.

• A high level of subject understanding is required to study Maths at A Level. A grade A or A* at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) is a pre-requisite for acceptance onto the A Level Maths course. In extenuating circumstances, we will also consider students with a grade B provided they achieve a minimum of 70% in the first two assignments.

• We require all applicants for A Level courses to submit a copy of their IGCSE/GCSE certificate(s) or the certificate of an equivalent qualification.

• A Level study is demanding. While we offer flexibility, courses should ideally be taken over 2 academic years.

If the guidelines above do not apply to you, or you are unsure of what constitutes an ‘equivalent’ qualification, one of our Admissions team will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.