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A Level Courses for Adult and Younger Learners


A Levels are recognised by employers and universities alike as the “gold standard” of British Secondary education. Good A Level passes will secure entry to the best UK and US universities and to universities worldwide.

AS Level is a stand alone qualification in all subjects in its own right, as well as being the first half of an A Level.  Depending on the entry requirements of the university to which you apply, an AS can add breadth to your A Level qualifications.

Note that you need to take the AL exam within 13 months of the AS exam for the qualification to remain valid. If you defer your AL exams beyond this period, you will be required to take the AS exams again.

See Cambridge A Level for further information about the exam.

Note that our experienced University Services Advisor can help you select the right A Level courses for entry onto your university course of choice, and can advise on all aspects of university entrance.

Entry Requirements for A Level Courses

To be accepted onto an A Level course, you need to have gained:

  • Grade C at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) in both Maths and English Language;
  • Grade B at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) in your chosen subject(s).  No prior knowledge is required for Accounting, Business, Economics, Law, Psychology or Sociology.


Entry Requirements for A Level Courses (continued)

  • Grade A or A* at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) is required for entry to A Level Maths;
  • If  you are unsure of what an ‘equivalent’ qualification is in your country, our Admissions team will be happy to discuss;
  • A Level courses are designed to be taken over two academic years or about 16 months of continuous study.

Our A Level courses include:

  • The best published books
  • Access to our learning management system
  • Assignments throughout the course
  • Fast feedback from our Tutors (within 3–5 working days)
  • A Progress Manager for advice and help at all times

Hours of Study

Our A Level courses take approximately 350 hours of study. Add to this the time required to prepare your assignments.

The time will also depend on your ability as a learner and your organisational skills.

Our promises to you

  • Should you wish to retake the exam because your result has fallen short of grades A* – C, we will provide full support at no extra charge for you to prepare for the next available exam;
  • You will have two years in which to complete your A Level course. Should you wish to defer your exam beyond the original exam date, you may do so for a small additional fee.

Cherry Phypers, A level student, UK

I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford as they were the most transparent and helpful online course provider I found when I needed to do my A Level Biology: most providers were not clear on what was included and not included in their service and price and Wolsey was the only distance learning provider that was able to manage the coursework element of the A Level Biology course - which is a really important aspect. The course books and information came very quickly after signing up and I was enrolled onto the learning system immediately so I was able to start as soon as possible. My Tutor was great, really helpful and on hand whenever I needed and provided thorough feedback on assessments and especially on coursework. They were also very helpful liaising with the school exams officer to ensure that the coursework was submitted correctly and on time!

AS and A Levels Years 12–13, children aged 16-18

  • Most A Level candidates take 3 subjects in preparation for university. Strongly academic candidates might consider taking 4 A Level subjects or 3 full subject and one or two at AS Level;
  • To take a Wolsey Hall A Level course you need to have gained a Grade C at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) in both English Language and Maths and a Grade B in your chosen subjects. This does not apply to Accounting, Business, Economics, Law, Psychology or Sociology;
  • Students should choose subjects which are either required or recommended for their university degree course;
  • Information about entrance to UK universities is available at
  • Wolsey Hall suggests that students will require approximately 350 hours of study for each A Level subject, plus the time needed for assignment preparation;
  • Students should allow up to 2 years in preparation for A Level exams.