Courses can Start at any Time of the Year

Wolsey Hall’s Primary homeschooling courses have been prepared for children aged 5 – 10.  They are designed to cover Years 1 – 6 of the English National Curriculum (Key Stages 1 and 2). They’re open to children of all abilities in all parts of the world, and they provide a strong foundation for later learning. Each “Year” is planned over 9 months, the equivalent of “an academic year”.

The courses are a partnership between you, your child and the Wolsey Hall Oxford teamYou will work with your child using easy-to-follow lesson plans prepared by our Primary Level Tutors. And you’ll have the help and support of that same team with whom you and your child will be in contact on a regular basis. Your child will regularly complete and submit assignments to their tutor.  These will be marked and feedback provided.  You may wish to video call the tutor following this assignment. 

We write progress reports at the end of weeks 12, 24 and 36 (or at the end of each part) for all subjects.

Most important of all, we’ve designed the courses to reflect our key learning philosophy: that learning should be enjoyed.

Our Primary homeschooling courses provide a strong foundation for students to move up to our Lower Secondary Courses. Our handy guide explains more about this transition.

Primary Course Information

Primary Level Subjects

  • Supported

    You and your child will be supported by Wolsey Hall Tutors with many years' experience of teaching primary level children. They are available by Skype and by email and you will have regular contact with them as you and your child progress through the course.
  • Managed

    Your child's progress will be managed by a Wolsey Hall Student Progress Manager who is on hand to answer your queries, act as your key point of contact with Wolsey Hall and help both you and your child to keep on track with their study programme.
  • Independent

    Our goal is to provide children with the skills to become independent learners who are able to learn and relearn throughout their lives. This is why we aim to develop problem solving skills throughout the course through online games and activities.
  • Learning

    Learning is at the heart of everything we do and we want our students to enjoy learning and value learning for its own sake; not simply to pass exams. We think the best way of achieving this is to help them develop good learning habits at an early age.

Susan van der Merwe - Primary Level parent

Nic was a student at Wolsey Hall from 2016 to 2018. We are from South Africa where Nic went to a Afrikaans nursery school, and moved to France where he started in a French school, but after a year we decided to begin English tuition at Wolsey Hall, completing Year 3 and term 1 and 2 of Year 4. We then relocated to the UK and he was assessed by the school we chose and was on par with the other children his age. He did extremely well in Year 4 with various distinctions. From year 5 the pupils are evaluated on a different level and Nic achieved academic colours at the end of Year 5! We are so proud of him and wish to thank Wolsey Hall for all that they have given us. Without Wolsey as a foundation to build Nic’s learning and academic curriculum from, this would not have been possible for Nic. We are truly blessed that we were able to affiliate with Wolsey to invest in our son’s future!

Dr Ana Douglas - Primary Homeschooling Parent, UK

We joined Wolsey Hall Oxford in Years 3 and 4 and our childrens’ quality of education has improved dramatically. We are deeply impressed with the curriculum, the superb Tutors, the Director of Studies and our constantly available Student Progress Manager. We simply could have not taken a better decision for our childrens’ education; their knowledge and confidence have been transformed in the space of a few months. We live in London and are the first ones in our group of friends, neighbours and professional network to take the decision of homeschooling. What at the time felt like a very brave move socially, it is now totally normal to us and those around us. We have made a very successful transition with the old classmates into solid friends, they often drop in by our house after school, and have created many more new friendships through other activities. Our children are now more social than ever! We keep normal school hours in the morning and early afternoon, and fill-in the later afternoon with playdates and group activities, like art, guitar, dance and drama lessons, choir rehearsals and sports. My husband and I are also enjoying how much more compatible a flexible schooling schedule is with our professional lives, particularly around travelling. We still have to pinch ourselves that such flexibility is possible while our children get the very best education we could dream of.