Bron Naudé, Primary Parent, Ireland

Our experience with Wolsey Hall Oxford has been excellent! Ella is thriving on the English and Maths Primary homeschooling courses. She is enjoying the creativeness of the English programme and how it allows learning while bringing in her own interests such as a biography on her favourite author. The maths is also great with the colourful workbooks and the videos that just give that extra understanding of a new concept! We look forward to getting our youngest daughter started on your Year 1 curriculum when it is available.

Sally Adhiambo Ombewa - IGCSE Student, Kazakhstan/ Rwanda

Hurrah! My IGCSE results are here! One thing I can say, is that homeschooling certainly is different. The IGCSE schoolwork and assignments kept me on my toes, though no topic was an impossible mountain to climb with Canvas’s creative resources, my Tutors just an email away, and my ever supporting (though demanding) parents’ help. Paper after paper completed, and with such ease that it amazed me. All of Wolsey’s resources had ensured that I was comfortable during my examination. I recently received my results and there are: A’s in Math, English Language, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, German, and an A* in English Literature. All I can say is thank you, God, and thank you, Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Dr Ana Douglas, Primary Parent, UK

We joined Wolsey Hall Oxford in Years 3 and 4 and our childrens’ quality of education has improved dramatically. We are deeply impressed with the curriculum, the superb Tutors, the Director of Studies and our constantly available Student Progress Manager. We simply could have not taken a better decision for our childrens’ education; their knowledge and confidence have been transformed in the space of a few months. We live in London and are the first ones in our group of friends, neighbours and professional network to take the decision of homeschooling. What at the time felt like a very brave move socially, it is now totally normal to us and those around us. We have made a very successful transition with the old classmates into solid friends, they often drop in by our house after school, and have created many more new friendships through other activities. Our children are now more social than ever! We keep normal school hours in the morning and early afternoon, and fill-in the later afternoon with playdates and group activities, like art, guitar, dance and drama lessons, choir rehearsals and sports. My husband and I are also enjoying how much more compatible a flexible schooling schedule is with our professional lives, particularly around travelling. We still have to pinch ourselves that such flexibility is possible while our children get the very best education we could dream of.

Philippa Nicholson, Primary Parent, UK

My daughter Unity enjoyed the Key Stage 2 courses which she did with Wolsey Hall Oxford. The courses have a mix of online courses, textbook and offline activities. My 8 year old enjoyed the online content the best. The staff are quick to respond to any queries and offer support through email and Skype. You need to dedicate plenty of time to the activities as a parent; your child is unlikely to be able to work through the course unaided. The course is perfect for parents wanting a structured education for their home educated child and who lack confidence to put a framework of education in place themselves. As a homeschooled graduate myself, I have plenty of confidence to do this myself and that is the reason we only did a term of the Key Stage 2 Level.

Umm Abdullaah, Primary Parent, UK

I am a very proud mum. My son has really put in a lot of hard work and is extremely keen on trying to complete his work early. Given how we had started off, I am completely amazed as to how he is progressing and he enjoys his work and assignments a lot. Never had I thought that we would reach this stage so quickly. He enjoys every comment and feedback from his Tutors. Especially he likes the encouragement from Nick which has given him much positive energy. His zeal for his work has encouraged his other siblings and they too want to be a part of the Wolsey team which is so admirable. You may be soon having another student from our side i.e. his younger brother who wants to start off and keeps asking me every day if I have enrolled him.

Justine Williams, Primary Parent, UK

We absolutely love the course! Hari has been getting on really well. Our Skype call with the Tutor was excellent. Everything has been so easy to understand and the course is excellently thought out and put together.

Y. Guindi - Primary Student, Canada

To my teacher, Tina Hemphill, Thank you for your encouragement throughout the whole year. You have taught me how to live my creative writing ideas, as if I were really there. You even taught me what creative writing is, in the first place! Prior to that I thought creative writing was a simple narrative without creative ideas, but just VCOP all over. You have straightened out several bends in my grammar, as well as adding to my understanding of comprehension. I doubt that I will ever become a published writer, but if I do, I will send you all my books (for free!) and I will return my gratitude for your English education for me which is leading me to my future. I am very sad that being in Year 7, Key Stage 3/ Secondary Level, means you are no longer my teacher. However, we will hopefully keep in touch. Thank you, once again, for all you have done for me throughout the year.

Dildora Ali – Secondary Parent, Turkey & USA

Our family travels a lot around the world. After spending a lot of time in international and Montessori schools, we decided that Aida will be studying at home to let us travel freely whenever we want. We have never imagined that homeschooling would be such a joy - your selection of books and programs of study are marvellous.

Martin Reeves - Secondary Parent, Thailand

We had homeschooled our son Harry ourselves in Bangkok up until he was nine-years-old, but when my wife and I became too busy with work we decided he should go to school. We chose an ‘English Programme’ school but the standard of English turned out to be very low. After a while we realised Harry was better off learning at home again and we chose Wolsey Hall to guide him through his studies. The Tutors and staff at Wolsey Hall are wonderful and so helpful… and the support and flexibility of his timetable enabled Harry to accompany us during our work related travels, giving him not only academic knowledge but also experience of real life. I would thoroughly recommend Wolsey Hall to any parent who has decided to homeschool their children.

Mrs R. Liddle - Secondary Parent, UK

We are very impressed with Wolsey Hall's professional and caring attitude towards its students and their progress. We will not hesitate to recommend you as we are extremely happy with the Secondary (Key Stage 3) courses. It is lovely to see Josh applying himself with the right help needed to help him progress. Please feel free to pass this feedback on to everyone involved with his studies. Heartfelt thanks.

Jeff Hennig, Secondary & IGCSE Parent - USA

Thank you very much for your assistance, and I just want to say that homeschooling Sophie and her sister Helene has been made so much easier by your organization's involvement - the Tutors have been fabulous and the course presentation very easy to follow.

Shanti Hughes, Secondary Parent, Australia

Henry is so delighted to have finished his first year with Wolsey Hall Oxford, that he cannot wait to get started with year two. Henry is profoundly deaf. We are truly amazed and we cannot thank you all enough for guiding Henry through year one. He wants to begins reading for year 2 Science and History, so that he can be quite prepared to start his assignments after 30th September when mainstream Australian holidays end. My husband and I have decided that our fourth boy will start his KS3 with Wolsey Hall Oxford in April next year and thereafter, the fifth boy, will start in three years' time. Once again, our heartfelt appreciations to all of Henry's Tutors and yourself. Henry has just been selected for the Australian Deaflympics Team for Turkey 2017!

Mrs Menard, Secondary Parent, South Korea

Henry has thus far, in a holistic sense, benefited greatly from his Wolsey Hall Oxford course of study. We are grateful for your management and his Tutors' time, and all of the interesting and helpful resources that have been provided, including online modules and course schedules that have kept Henry engaged and challenged because they are so well organised and timed.

Belinda Sparrow-Smith, Secondary & IGCSE Parent, Zimbabwe

Educating your children in Zimbabwe can be hectic and frazzling. This side of the world we have huge economic and political turmoil going on, in fact we still sit waiting and wondering as to whether we even have a currency. I am so grateful that my kids are being homeschooled so they are at least protected from the extremely confusing situation we are working with currently. It was a difficult decision to homeschool as we both have businesses, but now almost a year on homeschooling our girls with Wolsey Hall we have no regrets. We are able to have our books shipped via South Africa without a problem. The best of it has been having happy teenagers, who take care of each other, and who are learning to grow into independent young ladies who no longer complain about school, teachers and social issues. A huge thank you to Wolsey Hall who made the transition to homeschooling relatively stress free.

Hilary Hill, IGCSE Parent, UK

The decision to allow my son to leave mainstream school and study for IGCSEs at home with Wolsey Hall was, initially, daunting. At IGCSE the student needs to be pretty self-disciplined and motivated to succeed but support from Wolsey Hall was at all times excellent, in particular from Learning Support Services who were always prompt, efficient and friendly. The motivational sessions were a big help too when my son was struggling at one stage. A few simple suggestions made all the difference. What my son and I both particularly liked about Wolsey Hall was the flexibility it allowed for each student to find their own individual pattern of working, rather than being constrained by a rigid daily school timetable. Homeschooling is not to be undertaken lightly, but I am delighted to finish by saying it was all worth it! My son achieved excellent exam results and will shortly be starting his A Levels at sixth form college!

Hamzah Yousef Jameel, IGCSE Student, United Arab Emirates

To be honest, I don't think I would have done this so easily without the entire Wolsey Hall team on board - and, all the Tutors' help. I am quite amazed at what I've done!

Michelle Rudge, IGCSE Parent, UK

I must say enrolling Nicole at Wolsey Hall has been one of the best decisions we ever made. At school, Nicole's progress remained extremely limited due to lack of support with her learning difficulties. Since being at Wolsey, Nicole's English has come on leaps and bounds, from her spelling, to grammar, to organisation and formats of essays. The amount of time and support Nicole's tutors, Pat and Michelle have invested in Nicole has been fantastic. Nicole's academic knowledge and confidence has soared since being at Wolsey and I am extremely grateful to you all. (Nicole has segmatic pragmatic disorder high functioning autism, as well as suspected dyslexia).

Ivy Mary, Homeschooling Parent, Malaysia

I was not too happy with the local school system and curriculum. I chose home study because I had confidence that my daughter would be able to perform better academically with a homeschooling programme. I found that Wolsey Hall Oxford would provide and equip my daughter throughout the programme. The initial support and advice given to me by the Director of Studies was excellent and very helpful. I was pleasantly surprised by the very quick arrival of the course books. My daughter is very, very satisfied with the support she has been receiving from her Tutors. They respond to her questions promptly and give her quality information regarding her subjects. They are extremely encouraging, supportive and pleasant. Course materials have been effective in aiding my daughter throughout the homeschooling programme. The online resources are also very beneficial to her studies. I am very happy to have the support provided by the SPM: she has been supportive, helpful and understanding. I am glad to have found Wolsey Hall. Academically they provide the necessary assistance and support; professionally they are efficient, understanding and very helpful. I have recommended this programme to some of my friends in Malaysia and will definitely recommend it to others.

Amé Pretorius, IGCSE Student, Botswana

I really love the way the Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling system works, it gives you spare time to focus on the things that are important to you. I really like that whenever we struggled with anything there was a lot of help available and the Tutors are very helpful.

David Fomin - IGCSE Student, UK

Wolsey Hall provided me exactly with what I needed at the time – a flexible, accessible way to study for my IGCSEs. Their Tutors are excellent and were quick to provide thorough and constructive feedback on my assignments, as well as supplying me with important advice and resources on exam technique, ensuring that I was as prepared as possible. I am very pleased with my IGCSE grades – four of which are A*s, then an A and a B. They allowed me to go on to study A Levels, which I would not be doing right now had I not found Wolsey Hall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible way to study and is perhaps unable to attend a public or private school, or simply wants to ensure a quality learning experience, and is capable of mostly self-motivated learning with the aid of Tutor feedback and online resources.

Reem Arafat, IGCSE Student, Saudi Arabia

To many people, homeschooling probably sounds like a very demanding experience that could never be regarded as the road to success. I can’t deny that this is exactly how I felt when I was confronted with the fact that homeschooling is the only option I’ve got, and to be honest, I was far from optimistic about the whole situation. But this wasn’t the case at all! It’s been a very delightful experience, thanks to Wolsey Hall Oxford. The courses are beautifully organized, from the amazing resources on Canvas to the very creative assignments. However, above all, I couldn’t be more thankful to my very encouraging and supportive Tutors and Student Progress Manager who had always been very welcoming to each and every question I had. Wholeheartedly, I couldn’t have scored four A* grades in Physics, Biology, Business Studies and French without your help. My sister Rasha also achieved seven A* grades at IGCSE with Wolsey Hall, and after her A Levels will now be able to pursue her dream to become a Doctor!

Jane, IGCSE Parent, UK

I have nothing but praise for Wolsey Hall, such a great organisation, very professional but at the same time supportive and friendly. The Student Progress Manager was not only a great support for my son but was always there for me too when I needed advice. Deniz has been studying IGCSE Biology, English Lang, History & Maths.

Deborah Lim, IGCSE Student, Malaysia

With the aid of my supportive, capable Tutors and the extensive resources that Wolsey Hall offers, I am pleased to say that I scored an A* in English Literature (96%) and an A in History (88%)! I am really ecstatic over my recent results! From a student who has had absolutely no background at all in Literature or History prior to joining Wolsey Hall, I believe that I could not have ever scored such high grades without all their input. Personally, it seems odds-defying to me that a homeschooler like myself with a hectic schedule comprising volunteer work, church work, international competitions, classical music recordings, masterclasses and performances could have hit grades like these! Again, I truly appreciate all the evaluations and valuable tips my Tutors have given me throughout my study with them; I really could not have done it without them. I (and my parents as well!) am extremely pleased with Wolsey Hall's structure of assignments, resources and the comprehensive IGCSE guidelines. Thank you so much for everything Wolsey Hall!

Cathy Hattam, IGCSE Parent, UK

I’m so chuffed that my daughter Jessie has done so well in her IGCSE German exam, especially as the other people taking the exam and the exam centre were native German speakers! She also did very well in her Maths IGCSE. It has been amazing to be able to study for exams out of school...very liberating. The Tutors and the admin team are all wonderful. Big thankyou to Wolsey Hall Oxford for all your help!

Michelle Evans, IGCSE Parent, Zimbabwe

We are so thrilled with Demi and her results using this program. Thank you and all Demi's teachers and Manager for all their help. Wolsey Hall is an awesome program.

Laurie Cannon, IGCSE Parent, UK

You have been most helpful and straightforward to deal with, not every organisation behaves in this way so I would not hesitate to recommend your courses to others. Our son Rupert is doing great in his IGCSE Maths course and we may well add extra courses in time.

Andrew Yeoh, IGCSE Parent, Australia

Wolsey Hall Oxford's IGCSE courses are excellent for students who wish to homeschool. The step by step programme of study, with designated textbooks and online resources ensured that my daughter understood the concepts and their application in a logical manner. She also benefitted from completing the assignments and past exam papers. She worked hard... asking questions, getting feedback from her Tutors and sharpening her exam technique. Without the Wolsey Hall Oxford programme, she would not have achieved her fantastic results (six A*'s in her IGCSEs in 2016).

Rachel Fox, IGCSE Parent, UK

James came to the Middle East with his family in 2009 and has basically grown up here. He was 9 and a half when he arrived and started his homeschooling from the age of 10. During his homeschooled years between 2009 and 2017, James has been seriously involved in competitive rugby with the Muscat Pirates and has played all over the Middle East, including Oman, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. He gained A* and A’s in the IGCSE examinations he took in June this year. What strikes us, as his parents, is that he has achieved at least as much as he would have done had he attended conventional schools – perhaps even better (there are a lot of distractions at school, especially co-education ones, when they reach a certain age). Our decision to use Wolsey Hall to assist with James's homeschooling has been entirely vindicated. The material and support via his Tutors were great and the superb results achieved by James have demonstrated that homeschooling, as long as it's supported by an organisation such as Wolsey Hall, really works. Thanks for what you did.

Dr Rose Haque, IGCSE Parent, Malaysia

My daughter Aesyah had early education in Australia and when we came back home, it was hard in the beginning to adapt to the Malaysian school system. I had enrolled Aesyah in an International School in Malaysia for five years but due to a change of plan and not being very happy with the school, I opted for home study. I was searching online for homeschools both home and abroad and I came across Wolsey Hall. I compared several homeschooling providers and although all charge similar fees (some even slightly lower!) I decided on Wolsey Hall because I felt confident about the help and care my daughter would receive. The support we receive is excellent. Pat continuously emails and monitor Aesyah’s progress and answers each and every question we have. The Tutor support is also excellent. They are very patient and though Aesyah is struggling a little in her subjects try very hard to help. I would recommend Wolsey Hall to parents who care, not only about grades but about the study experience as a whole. Students receive the respect they deserve and they get the encouragement to move forward despite sometimes having difficulties.

Cindy Stockil, KS3, IGCSE, A Level Parent, Zimbabwe

Thanking you and your team for your dedication in educating my three children. I have seen such an improvement and they are all so confident now with their books and assignments.

Yvette Newbury, IGCSE & AS/ A Level Parent, UK

My eldest son has achieved A* and A grades for all subjects so far. I had been looking for a UK homeschool syllabus for quite some time as I knew my son would come to the end of his distance learning USA syllabus, but I could not find anything that I felt comfortable with. I liked the idea of him taking IGCSEs rather than GCSEs as the good schools in the UK were starting to move over to IGCSEs. I also looked at a few different subjects and exam papers and found that Cambridge exams were far more rigorous. So I was specifically looking for homeschooling for Cambridge IGCSE when I discovered the website of Wolsey Hall. I liked the clear explanations given in the website and when I contacted them felt they gave a personal service and were interested in my son's development. In fact they gave me excellent advice regarding my son's education that has helped him get to the position where he is completing his A Levels at the age of 17, rather than the usual 18 years!

Kevin Loh, IGCSE Student, Singapore

I received an A* for my IGCSE English Literature. It came as a wonderful surprise as I received only a C for my preliminary mock exams in school. What really helped me were the notes that Wolsey Hall Oxford provided. This was particularly so because there were hardly any available resources on the stories and poems I had to learn for the exam. The notes provided were excellent – in depth yet easy to understand. Literature was not my best subject and to get an A* was truly awesome – thank you Wolsey Hall Oxford!

Olivia Reeve, A Level Student & Elite Athlete, UK

I’m an elite athlete training to be a successful national and international diver. My focus is on reaching my dream to compete at the 2016 – 2020 Olympics. To work towards this, I train 6-7 days a week, but I am able to do both my schoolwork and my sport because home schooling is very flexible. The thing I love about home schooling is that you can fit it around you. I also really enjoy it because there are no distractions or delays - you can just get up and work, and you can do it anywhere. Home schooling with Wolsey Hall has really helped me balance my training and my schoolwork.

Jin Bo-kyung, A Level Student, South Korea

I was mainly homeschooled in primary school and had recently moved to Korea but had yet to learn the language. Therefore, home study was the best and most convenient choice for me. The initial study advice I received was clear, informative and easy to understand. My Tutors were more than helpful and were quick to answer any of my questions and grade my assignments. They gave me their observation on my strengths and weaknesses on each subject. The course materials provided were fairly easy to understand and were more than enough to cover all the key points of the syllabus. My Student Progress Manager was excellent in not only guiding me but keeping me up to date on events and other stuff as well.

Bethan Winterton, A Level Student, UK

I took two science courses with Wolsey Hall Oxford and was delighted to achieve an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. I would recommend Wolsey Hall Oxford to any student with a desire and motivation to learn.

King Sum Wong, A Level Student, Hong Kong

I took two subjects, Geography and Law, with Wolsey Hall. I needed A Levels to get into University. Taking A Levels as a private student was a challenging experience, especially when I had to study and prepare in a shortened time frame, but I am glad that this good online school was there to help me out. I would like to thank Pat, Carol and Adrian for their guidance. My Tutors were very helpful, were always there to answer my questions and provided helpful advice on my work. In the end, I got A grades in both subjects!

Charles Shepherd, IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

I cannot praise Wolsey Hall Oxford enough for the support that I have been given. As someone who has experienced many types of education and not always been happy with them, I am pleased with the support and materials supplied by Wolsey. Ken Landsbury has been a great Tutor. Very incisive and he has given very clear feedback. A very refreshing character who is an effective motivator. The course has been challenging but the Tutor support, quizzes, videos, test papers and online support has been excellent. I am 47 and live in Birmingham, England. I am the Sales Director for a company that imports and exports products all over the world. I do not work the regular hours that would allow me to attend traditional evening classes. Traditional classes have often involved a lot of wasted time and inefficiency. I thought an online course might be right for me. Wolsey Hall Oxford's course (in IGCSE Maths) was just right for me and I learned a lot from it. My Tutor gave me the motivation and feedback that I really needed.

Mark Collard, IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford because they offered the course that I had been desperately looking for, German IGCSE. The support network is fantastic, and my Tutor Marco Brandl has helped improve my confidence, which I am very grateful for. The support I received from Marco really helped me to beat the nerves. Now I am making forward steps in German, a language I intend to become fluent in. A German friend of mine encouraged me to do this course, because she believed it was a great opportunity for me to develop, and she has always offered to help me with my German. I highly recommend Wolsey Hall Oxford, because there are many opportunities available. I recently received very high grades in my subject!

Suzanne Webber, IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

The Latin course at Wolsey Hall Oxford was run extremely well with lots of learning aids. Jo Lashly as my Tutor could not have been better. Her turnaround on marking was astonishingly quick by any measure but even more so when the extensive comments and advice she added are considered. At age 69 I am looking forward to going on to study the A Level.

Ben Dean, IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

The benefits of Wolsey Hall Oxford's courses speak for themselves. If you have ever imagined leaving your unfulfilling job and doing something that you always wanted to do, it is totally possible if you put in the work and get the relevant qualifications. The sense of achievement and the broadening of your horizons is reason enough to take any course.

Polly Callow, IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

Thank you all for your help so far, I'm really impressed with Wolsey Hall Oxford and I'd definitely recommend you to anyone.

J.D.T., IGCSE Adult Learner, UK

I have not studied with Wolsey Hall Oxford before but am really enjoying the course. Not having done any German before, I am not finding it as difficult or daunting as I feared I might. Having studied IGCSE French and Spanish via distance learning, I think this has helped. But I do have to say that the course is very well structured, all the course materials are of excellent quality and you really feel that you're progressing one step at a time without being overwhelmed. The amount of Tutor support provided is so much better than the previous provider I was using. Would recommend to anyone.

Rachel Marden, AS Level Adult Learner, UK

I cannot fault Wolsey Hall Oxford and their organisation! Lindsay has been a brilliant Tutor and the resources available to help with my study are really good.

Cherry Phypers, A Level Adult Learner, UK

I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford as they were the most transparent and helpful online course provider I found when I needed to do my A Level Biology: most providers were not clear on what was included and not included in their service and price and Wolsey Hall Oxford was the only distance learning provider that was able to manage the coursework element of the A Level Biology course - which is a really important aspect. The course books and information came very quickly after signing up and I was enrolled onto the learning system immediately so I was able to start as soon as possible. My Tutor was great, really helpful and on hand whenever I needed and provided thorough feedback on assessments and especially on coursework. They were also very helpful liaising with the school exams officer to ensure that the coursework was submitted correctly and on time!

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