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At Wolsey Hall Oxford we are proud to support a growing number of families’ who are homeschooling in Zimbabwe. These students are mainly Zimbabwean but also include ex-pats from a range of other countries. In the last 20 years, homeschooling in Zimbabwe has grown in popularity and acceptance.

Wolsey Hall Oxford provides structured, stimulating and academically rigorous PrimaryLower Secondary IGCSE and A level courses designed specifically for homeschoolers. Our fees include all the books your child will need as well as access to our online learning platform. We also offer a 45-day refund policy and a range of discounts are also available.

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Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

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Equivalent qualifications

Wolsey Hall equivalent course
ZIMSEC General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (O Level)
ZIMSEC General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A Level)
A level
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Why choose homeschooling in Zimbabwe?

Many families homeschooling in Zimbabwe do so as it is a more affordable option to private schools. For others, with large class sizes in public schools, many Zimbabweans are looking for a different, more hands-on approach to educating their children and find homeschooling provides the high quality education they are looking for.

For some Zimbabwean families, their children face arduous journeys to get to school. Homeschooling becomes a sensible option so that instead of walking many hours to and from school, this time can be spent at home actively learning.

Meet Jodie and Jamie

Belinda’s two daughters, Jodie and Jamie are homeschooling in Zimbabwe with Wolsey Hall.

They chose to commence homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford when the spiralling costs of a private school education made them look for an alternative. The affordable costs and the Cambridge exam board studied were the deciding factors in their decision.

“Our biggest worry was that they would miss out on friendships at school but once the decision was made it was like a load had been lifted off our shoulders. We felt we were able to give our girls the best education we could afford.”

homeschooling in Zimbabwe

Meet Wolsey Hall student Kyra

We are so thrilled with Demi and her results using this program. Thank you and all Demi’s teachers and Manager for all their help. Wolsey Hall is an awesome program.
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Michelle Evan, IGCSE Homeschooling Parent


I’ve just got my results back and let’s just say I’m so happy! I am very lucky to have done schooling through this system. I used to go to regular school, where although my grades weren’t bad, I was struggling to keep up with everyone. I’ve found the best thing about Wolsey Hall is how I’m able to work at my own pace, so I’m never leaving topics behind that I don’t understand. Every question or problem I’ve had has been answered either through the Canvas resources or by my tutors. I’m really grateful for Wolsey for helping me pass all my exams, and I look forward to continue into my AS and AL years!
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Rebekah Lubbe – IGCSE Student


Thanking you and your team for your dedication in educating my children. I have seen such an improvement and they are all so confident now with their books and assignments.
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Cindy Stockil, Homeschooling Parent


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