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At Wolsey Hall Oxford we pride ourselves on providing a genuine college experience for all those families who are homeschooling with us! Whether travelling, training or living in the furthest rural area, every student can feel a part of the Wolsey Hall student community. 

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Quarterly College Competitions

For parents and students

To keep up to date with our latest Instagram community posts follow us here. To watch useful subject videos, homeschooling videos, and indeed some of our very own homemade student and Tutor videos, click here and subscribe to our Youtube Channel! Parents of enrolled students wanting to network with other parents can join one of these three groups (please make sure you answer the security question!):

  1. Primary Level Parents
  2. Secondary Level Parents
  3. IGCSE/ A Level Parents

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We provide regular competitions, student news, special offers and specific advice on our Community Blog. It is a great idea to sign up to receive these blog posts, as they will provide regular announcements which you may well want to know about!

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