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Tutoring Academies and Tutoring Centres offering Wolsey Hall Oxford courses benefit from academically rigorous and structured courses with engaging content that follows a recognised curriculum.

Courses are available from Primary level through Lower Secondary and up to IGCSE and A levels.

Tutoring Academies use their own staff to mentor the students on a day-to-day basis ensuring students stay on track. Wolsey Hall Tutors provide additional support as required and mark the regular end of module assignments providing detailed and encouraging feedback to students.

Tutoring Academies can be assured of the outstanding quality of the courses provided and the excellent exam results achieved by our students.


Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre
Julie Holdsworth from Mallorca Tutoring Academy

Mallorca Tutoring Academy

The Mallorca Tutoring Academy offers individually tailored supplementary education to students in Mallorca and Malaga. They began their partnership with Wolsey Hall Oxford in 2019 enabling them to offer mentoring and increased support to their students who enrol on Wolsey Hall courses.

“We love the structure that partnering with Wolsey Hall Oxford has given us,” explains Julie Holdsworth, Head of Studies at the Mallorca Tutoring Academy (MTA). “It’s a proper programmed approach to learning so the student is following a detailed structure and we know exactly where they should be and when they are doing it. It has helped us to manage the students’ studies much better.”

“Before our relationship began, we wondered about how we would work with Wolsey Hall and our perception of this underestimated how great it has been. Parents and students were wary of the process too and how it would all fit in with our existing offering. All these fears have been allayed as we have proven to parents that following this detailed structure, with regular reviews, works. Once our students complete the curriculum, it feeds nicely into the rigorous revision programme we have as well. The quality of the courses and materials, along with the tutor feedback, has overcome any concerns.”

Three-way communication

“We find it works very well with this three-way communication and to have more control and management with the support of Wolsey Hall,” continues Julie. “We see a noticeable difference in the student’s independent learning skills once they start on Wolsey Hall courses.”

Some schools use their own staff to support students while on the courses. “Wolsey Hall Oxford motivates students by enhancing the inherent resources within each person,” explains Fran Durillo, Spanish tutor and psychology mentor. “It also provides the necessary learning strategies to achieve desired academic goals. Additionally, it considers fundamental emotional aspects so that students feel good and can face tasks and fulfil them successfully.”

“Technology is an additional incentive that adds resources and generates skills that are added to the teaching-learning experience. All of this accompanies our students throughout the training process with Wolsey Hall through MTA. I have always believed that knowledge makes us free. Wolsey Hall gives us the freedom to learn, offers varied stimuli, guides but does not direct, motivates and cares about the student, and promotes their maturity.”

The future

“We see our relationship with Wolsey Hall becoming bigger and better in the future,” says Julie. “We would like to expand the service to offer courses to more students. With the new Wolsey Hall for Schools package, we can see how it will work better for certain students based on the model of learning.”

The student’s view

Max is a Year 9 student studying Maths, English as a Second Language, Skills for Life and Combined Sciences. “I am a student at the Mallorca Tutoring Academy and attend every day of the week. I use Canvas to do the Wolsey Hall work from a distance and have on-hand support from the MTA tutors. I find this really useful because I have good support to choose from. Canvas also has some excellent and interesting videos and activities, which help me if I have any problems with my course material. Wolsey Hall Canvas also helps the academy because they can offer more courses. I am very pleased that I have been able to open up new opportunities to my learning. Working with MTA and Wolsey Hall means that I always have plenty of support both in person and online.”

Tommy Lekkerkerk has studied IGCSE Combined Science, Maths, English as a Second Language and Psychology. He then progressed to A level Psychology and Biology. “I have completed my IGCSE’s and A-Level’s at the MTA Tutoring Academy working in conjunction with the Wolsey Hall programme. Using Wolsey Hall allows me to keep good track of what work/activities I have to complete and provides me with the ability to see when my work is scheduled.

Students at Mallorca Tutoring Academy taking Wolsey Hall oxford online courses

“One of the most significant advantages is that I have instant access to all my work and assignments at any time and place, just from my laptop or mobile phone using the Wolsey Hall dashboard. The combination of using Wolsey Hall while studying at an actual learning academy is a very effective combination. While having all your work available online on the dashboard, being at an actual ‘school’ also allows me to ask any questions I have about the work with my face-to-face mentor/ tutor. Furthermore, instead of working totally independently, you are now also able to work in the same place with other students. It is a very secure feeling knowing you have two very strong layers of support. Overall, combining the Wolsey Hall programme with actual schools puts together all the advantages of the two and provides a very strong learning environment.”

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