Using the Calculator

Below you will find a handy calculator to help you work out the likely cost of your fees based on the number of courses your child is to study.

Please note, we offer discounts if you pay in full rather than instalments, if you take 3 or more full A level subjects or if you have another child studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford. You can see the effect of these discounts by changing the entries in each of the four boxes below.

Our full A Level courses are two year courses. Depending on the subject, you can choose to pay for the full A level or pay for a one year AS Level and then pay for the second year of the A Level at a later date should your child decide to proceed to the full A level.

The fees calculator is a guide to the fees you will likely have to pay. However, our Admissions team will provide you with a formal quote once you are ready to proceed.

A Level Courses