Eleanor Dyde

Joint Hons History & Law, PGCE

Subject: History

I’ve been a qualified teacher for over 20 years and I love to share my passion for learning and understanding. After studying History at school, I was eager to learn more, and so combined Law and History when I did my degree. My degree allowed me to study from ancient civilisations through to the modern world. I have visited many places of historical significance as I love the way it brings the past to life. History will always be essential to know and understand, as it helps us to make sense of the past and how it affects us now, along with providing vital skills related to looking at and weighing up evidence from different sources.

Alongside working as a teacher, I have worked as an examiner for Pearson, AQA and OCR on a variety of subjects including GCSE History, RS and Citizenship and A level Law and History. I have found that this has helped me to understand what the exam boards are looking for in the questions asked and I hope to be able to pass this information on to students to enable to them to excel.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching murder mystery, science fiction & fantasy and comedy TV shows. I also like to read crime and thriller novels. I love animals and spend a lot of my time with my two mad dogs. I also enjoy playing computer games, including retro gaming, when I have the time.

I’m looking forward to starting our work together and helping you to achieve all you can in your studies.

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