Mel Hawkins


Subject: Art

After 17 years of teaching Art and Design in a Primary school, I still get excited by a blank page and sharpened colouring pencils. It has been a privilege to introduce new techniques and materials to children and watch them experiment, develop their own ideas and have a lot of fun doing it.

I studied in Bristol and achieved a 1st class honors degree in Fashion and Textile Design.

For 10 years I worked as a colourist and style consultant. Today I continue to experiment with fabrics, print and colour in my own workshop at home.

Currently I also host international students aged 12 and upwards.They stay with my family in our home and I tutor them in English. I also organise cultural visits and activities that interest them.

I have particularly enjoyed kayaking and tennis matches played with the students this summer.

I love being outdoors and I take most of my inspiration from nature, so it’s not surprising that I enjoy tennis, skiing, swimming, walking and a gentle jog now and then.

I am looking forward to supporting parents and their children in art and to encourage a fun, learning experience here at Wolsey Hall Oxford.

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