Paula Byles


Subject: Primary Art

As a child I had a huge passion for all forms of art: scraps of fabric, cardboard boxes – anything that was discarded in my home was never safe! So it was no surprise to me – or my family – that I would become both an Art Teacher as well as a practising artist.

Having spent many years as a teacher of Art and Design, my enthusiasm has never dwindled. My professional life in education has also expanded into teaching other subjects and age groups, but the creative side of me has always stayed very strong. My career in education spans more than 25 years starting as an Art and Design Teacher in Secondary and Further Education, and then moving into Primary and International Education working in seven different countries.

My life experiences have been the main source of inspiration. Living in a small village in Dorset, or the Jungles of Malaysia, every place that I have lived in has had something to offer me – whether it was the natural materials I came across, the people I met, or the landscape and the environment.

I think that Art should be valued as much as any other subject taught in schools. Art and Design are everywhere we look in our modern world. I strongly believe that children need time to express themselves creatively: to make mistakes; to invent things; to improve their ways of understanding the world and all its complexities.

The Primary Art and Design programme is designed to stimulate and inspire children to experiment whilst giving them some new techniques and practical skills to try.

My family and I have just moved from Italy to live in Spain and are living in a desert landscape near the Sierra Nevada. My husband is a Wild Forest Artist and works on residencies in various parts of the world. So we are able share our passion for all things artistic!

When I’m not teaching or creating artworks my main interests are running, cycling and gymnastics.

I look forward to working with you and your child to develop their skills and passion for Art.

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