Alan Carter


Since graduating in Politics and History, and teaching British Constitution in schools, I have always been fascinated by both the unique political arrangements of the UK, and the broader field of Global Politics. Teaching & supervision in these fields has become a vocation that I enjoy sharing with students of all backgrounds and abilities as they make their journey through the labyrinth of political studies. It is a privilege to work with students from around the world, as they bring some of their own perspectives to bear upon political ideas and global politics in particular.

The ‘mother of parliaments’ is distinctive in its undefined and un-codified foundation. The voyage of discovery for students who look at the UK as a core topic is one that does not diminish in its revelations for teacher & student alike.

With Ideology as a key area, my particular interests are:

• Multiculturalism & Liberalism, particularly the difficulties Liberalism has with democracy

• Global Politics as an antidote to, and release from, ‘War Studies’

• Human Rights as a global concern.

A level Politics was developed to encourage the study of Politics at pre-University Level, and real participation in the world of Politics itself. Work experience beyond the classroom, in industry and the law, has brought a more comprehensive understanding which informs my teaching practice.

I have experience of undergraduate teaching of US students and international students here in the UK, and it is always a privilege to work with those who also want to become students of Politics.

Subjects: Politics
Online Tutor Alan Carter