Katy Oatridge


I was born and grew up in Yorkshire. I always enjoyed studying Science and Maths at school, as the logic, reason and evidence appealed to me. I find the natural world’s intricacy and order fascinating, so I love learning more about it. I still remember being taught how electrons are arranged within an atom; I was amazed by its detail and how we know about something so tiny. This interest led me to apply to study Chemistry at University.

I studied Chemistry at Keble College, Oxford University, where I stayed on to do my teacher training (PGCE). I then returned north to teach Chemistry to A-level and Physics to GCSE at an independent school for 13 years. I enjoyed many aspects of teaching: science investigations with enthusiastic pupils, encouraging pupils as they studied for their compulsory science GCSEs, and pushing A-level students to achieve their best as they applied for Medicine or to Oxbridge.

Through the years, I have often tutored 1:1 and helped with revision courses, and I enjoy being able to help individuals by encouraging them where they are struggling and enabling them to gain confidence. I also started marking GCSE Chemistry papers for an examination board, which I still do today.

Since having three children, I am back in Oxfordshire. I have retrained as a neurodevelopmental therapist, helping children who struggle at school due to retained reflexes, which can cause difficulties with reading, writing, processing information, balance, coordination etc. However, I am passionate about sharing my love of Science, so I look forward to continuing to tutor through Wolsey Hall.

Outside work, I enjoy playing with my young children and walking in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. I am also involved at church, running groups for mums and babies.

Subjects: Chemistry, Physics